The Gemma Correll Papergang #2

When I saw photos of the first Gemma Correll Papergang box I was so disappointed that I didn’t order it. She’s my favourite illustrator and I think she’s just generally freaking awesome, so when I heard there was going to be another collaboration I signed up straight away. There was no way I was going to miss out this time!

I don’t normally subscribe to Papergang because I resent the postage charge but this box was worth every penny. Sometimes I feel a bit iffy about surprise boxes because I’m not sure if I’ll like/use everything but I will genuinely use everything in this box.

Gemma Correll Papergang box #2

Gemma Correll Papergang box #2

Do you see how pretty! I was beyond disappointed to see that the box arrived with a massive postage sticker on though. After pulling it off painstakingly slowly I was still left with a sticky mess. I spoke to a friend who subscribes and she said they’re all posted out like that and there have been some complaints. I reckon most subscribers are really nerdy about this sort of thing and Ohh Deer would benefit from alternative packaging where the pretty box remains untouched.

Gemma Correll Papergang box #2

Speaking about being really nerdy, I wanted to do an unboxing post but was also really eager to open it as soon as it arrived. I thought I could take a peak and then take photos when Jenson was asleep but when I saw it was beautifully wrapped in tissue paper I knew I had to wake. It felt like forever!

Back to the contents – oh my gosh, look!

Gemma Correll Papergang box #2

These are all types of stationery I use regularly – I’m obsessed with planner and list pads, post-its and cute pens. Plus I’m forever sending cards to people who win giveaways or who I do a stationery swap with. My faves/non-duplicates go up on my inspo wall though, so this one might be a keeper.

Gemma Correll Papergang box #2

Gemma Correll Papergang box #2

Gemma Correll Papergang box #2

Gemma Correll Papergang box #2

Gemma Correll Papergang box #2

Even the packaging is awesome! I love this sticker set and would buy one for a few friends. Because all four sheets are the same I might save one and use the rest. Does anyone else save stationery they think is too cool/pretty to use? I really must stop doing that.

Have you ever bought a Papergang box? Would you now? I was going to cancel my subscription after receiving this box because we don’t really have the disposable income but it’s rude not to wait and see what the next theme is, right? (I just checked – it looks cute!)


If you’re thinking about subscribing I’d love it if you’d use my referral link.

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