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Jenson: 27 months old

I can’t believe Jenson is two and a quarter! A quarter of a year has passed since his last birthday – in that time again I’ll be 30! Man, time flies when you’re getting old.

jenson 27 months old

We’ve really excelled at parenting fun this month, with lots of days out that go beyond hanging out in the park. We went to Paradise Park, an open day at the fire station, a fun day with pony rides, played on the beach in Mousehole, had a picnic in the park with friends, went back to toddler gymnastics and we’re off swimming tomorrow. Yep, I’ll take that pat on the back now please.

jenson's first pony ride

The most important thing for me is seeing him try new things, play independently and learn not to rugby tackle kids that get in his way. I was so impressed with his improvements in the gym yesterday. The only time he had a paddy was when I tried teaching him to wait his turn on certain equipment. He was trying things he was daunted by last time and even got into the music and dancing at the end. Proud mama alert!

His speech has really come on too. He still isn’t stringing words together but is coming out with new words every day. And his enunciation is improving too. He says “purple” and “see-saw” so clearly now and has started saying Nanny and Daddy instead of na-na and da-da, something that makes my mum melt every time.

Things he’s really into at the moment include sweet potato fries, strawberries, grapes, slides, Dory (yep, we’re back to Dory after weeks of Peppa Pig and Minions) and his new helicopter (gotta love Poundland!). Things he’s not loving so much are having his nappy changed and brushing his teeth – otherwise he’s pretty chilled.

Jenson has his first settling in session at nursery next week and I’m a bit anxious to see how he gets on this time. I know being left with someone other than my mum will be a shock for him and it’s going to break my heart that he will be confused until he learns that we will be back for him. I’ve not decided if I’m going to the first session yet as Luke wil be doing the drop-offs so it might make sense for me to stay away. What do you think?

I had to share this picture cos I think he looks so much like me here.

jenson 27 months grumpy

This time next month I’ll be back with an update on the settling in stage, which should hopefully be well and truly over and he’ll be in for two mornings a week. Fingers crossed!

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