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New autumn/Halloween releases from Nosy Crow

If you’re the kind of parent who likes to update their child’s bookshelves in keeping with the seasons (and, let’s face it, who isn’t?!), you’ll love these new releases from Nosy Crow, particularly if you have pre-school and tween girls.

autumn halloween books from nosy crow

Up first we have Cat Learns to Listen at Moonlight School*, written by Simon Puttock and illustrated by Ali Pye.

cat learns to listen at midnight school

Miss Moon is taking her class on a magical moonlit nature walk to see what interesting things they can find. Mouse finds a special starry leaf, Bat finds a swirly snail and Owl finds a swirly stone that LOOKS like a snail. But then Cat follows a flittery firefly and suddenly . . . she’s lost! Luckily, she has left behind lots of clues for her friends to follow, and they soon find a very relieved little Cat, who wished she had listened properly in the first place. Then they all go back to Moonlight School together to talk about their eventful excursion.

cat learns to listen at midnight school

I love how much effort is put into children’s books, especially when they’re so beautifully illustrated. I also can’t help judging them by their cover a little bit and this one is certainly worthy of praise. The photos don’t do justice to how shiny it is!

cat learns to listen at midnight school

It’s the third book in the Moonlight School series and if the others are half as beautiful as this one they’re certainly worth picking up.

There’s also You Can’t Make Me Go To Witch School!*, written by Em Lynas and illustrated by Jamie Littler.

you cant make me go to witch school

Daisy Wart, a Shakespearean actress with grand ambitions, is FURIOUS at being left at Toadspit Towers School for Witches by her grandmother. SHE IS NOT A WITCH! But Daisy soon becomes drawn into the mysteries of life at Toadspit, and finds that she even has a few magical surprises up her sleeve. . .

The adventures of Daisy the reluctant witch are perfect for fans of magical school stories.

you cant make me go to witch school

The first in a new school series, it reminds me a bit of The Worst Witch, which I loved as a child. I gave this one a read on the bus the other day and found myself smiling a lot. The use of language is great (I imagine it must be so hard to write for this age!) and I think a whole series of Daisy Wart would go down really well.

you cant make me go to witch school

The illustrations are fun too and I love that there is a re-cap at the start of every few chapters – handy for regular bedtime reading. I also love the dedication.

you cant make me go to witch school

What new books have you read with your child lately?

*I was sent these books for review purposes and all thoughts are my own

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