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The Cursed Child, The Walking Dead and indie film soundtracks #LittleLoves

This week I’ve been battling a poorly child, a serious lack of me time and debating whether or not to get out the winter coat. Here’s a look at the sunnier side of the last seven days.

Read: Harry Potter and The Cursed Child – and it nearly wrecked me, almost on a level with A Monster Calls. I genuinely don’t think I’d be able to see the theatre production as I’d be freaking sobbing; I loved it. Scorpius is easily my favourite character and I was so torn with my feelings about the Malfoys. The return of Snape was awesome and Hermione and Ron are seriously the ultimate couple. Am I the only one who never really liked Ginny?

This week I also reviewed A Glorious Freedom, which you seriously have to read (like actually, it’ll change your life!), and Jenson has shared some of his latest reviews too.

a glorious freedom book review

jenson reading

Watched: As well as watching more of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend whenever I can (I’m totally in love with Greg, even though he’s Hans – mind blown!), I managed to watch the return of The Walking Dead with Luke before spoilers hit the web. Not that there’s really anything to spoil. Anyone else seriously underwhelmed considering it was the 100th episode? To make up for it, here’s one of my favourite Crazy Ex-Girlfriend moments.

Heard: We’ve had some awesome indie film soundtracks on in the office lately which really makes me miss my former film geek days. We’ve been listening to soundtracks to Away We Go and (500) Days of Summer, so here’s one of my favourite moments from the latter.

Made: does building Jenson’s train track over and over again count? He had a few rough days after his flu vaccination (totally worth it. I’d rather that than the alternative) and when he was up for playing he was all about dem trains. Nerd.

Wore: I’ve been swooning over a bunch of slogan tops which are swamping my Christmas list.

literary emporium tops

I also treated Jenson to some freaking cute mittens which match his hat and will probably be lost in about a week but who cares. They make it hard to cuddle Teddy though…

Jenson mittens

And lastly: Jenson is still a bit young for trick or treating (plus all that sugar? Eek!) so we’ll be ‘chilling’ at a soft play Halloween party again this year. I hope he likes it – he’s still not great with crowds and bigger kids pushing him around (for obvious reasons). Are you partaking in the festivities?

Have a lovely weekend :)

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3 thoughts on “The Cursed Child, The Walking Dead and indie film soundtracks #LittleLoves”

  1. Oh I do love Crazy Ex Girlfriend! She’s a clever so and so.
    I’ve not read the Cursed Child yet. My eldest wants it for Christmas so I might get it for her and we can share it, haha!
    Hope you’ve had a good week this week and sorry I’m so late in popping by and commenting xx

  2. We used to do a little Halloween party at home for the kids when they were really little but they do love trick or treating now. We limit the amount of grots they get to eat though so their stash lasts for months. I love those slogan tee’s, they all look fab. Have a great weekend x #LittleLoves

  3. I loved The Cursed Child too! I’m currently re-reading the whole series (on #4 at the moment) as it’s on my ’40 before 40′ list. I’d love to see the theatre production at some point. I think I might have to watch 500 Days of Summer again – it’s such a fab film :) Enjoy the Halloween party!

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