Jenson, Parenthood

Jenson: 31 months old

I think this past month may have been my favourite so far in my life as “Jenson’s Mummy”. He’s getting on so well at nursery, he really enjoyed this Christmas, his relationship with his older cousin is growing and he’s learning so much.

Jenson Christmas Day 2017

We had a mini review from nursery and I was so freaking proud. They’re great at giving us regular updates via the app and having a quick chat when I pick him up but you never really know exactly what goes on at nursery. It’s so reassuring to know that he’s feeling more confident and settled.

nursery review

He even came home with his first piece of artwork before Christmas and it went straight up on the fridge.

nursery art

nursery art

We’ve been doing more craft activities at home too, including biscuit decorating, finger painting cards and DIY photo frames with glitter. So much flipping glitter.

christmas biscuit

Christmas cards

Christmas crafts

In case you didn’t catch that last reference, he’s also really into Trolls now. He didn’t make much of the feature film when we first watched it a few months back but he really loves the Christmas short – like, watches it six times a day. We’re mixing it up a bit with the feature now and he seems to like it. He’s even tried singing along.

Jenson’s been spending more time with his older cousin lately and working on not pushing him around. He still has his moments but is good for the most part. They’ve even been spotted sitting on the sofa watching cartoons under the same blanket. Makes my heart melt a bit.

Jenson’s new baby cousin is due in February and I think he’ll be great with her. Even though he can be quite pushy with bigger kids he knows to be gentle with smaller ones. He was in awe of my friend’s new baby the other day.

Although we still don’t have full sentences, Jenson is stringing more words together, like ‘thank you, Daddy’ and ‘more drink please’. He’s also learned to say sorry, which helps when he’s been naughty but I’m not sure he understands the context yet, as he says it at random times.

Jenson Boxing Day 2017

Since he got loads of new toys for Christmas he’s in the habit of grabbing my hand and pulling me to sit on the floor and play with him, which is super cute. I love that he wants to share with me – but god help any kid who comes over and wants to play with his new Peppa Pig play set!

When he starts back at nursery after Christmas he’ll be staying for lunch, so we’ll see how that goes. He’ll also be swimming with Luke at the start of the term while I recover from my surgery – a fair bit of change for him but I’m sure he’ll handle it like a champ.

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