My life in photos: December 2018 #LikedandLoved

Not only is it the start of a new month but also a new year. I’ve gotta say, I love these monthly round-ups and joining in with Stevie’s linky. It’s nice having a chance to reflect on what I’ve loved over the past month.

My life in photos: December 2017

I started the month mourning the loss of my youth, having turned 30 just days earlier. But I was in the midst of my week of annual leave so celebrated with a unicorn freakshake at Mermaid Alley (3), one of my new favourite places, and doing a spot of Christmas shopping at this year’s Etsy Made Local (2).

We started getting in the festive spirit with some handmade cards for family and friends (6) and going to meet Santa at Trevena Cross, where there were plenty of photo opps (7).

Stationery-wise, Say Nice Things sent me a lovely early Christmas present (8) and I reviewed this beautiful nocturnal journal (4), perfect for restless minds.

One of my highlights was receiving Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls (9) for my birthday and a review copy of Volume 2. There are so many inspiring stories, many of which I’d never heard before.

My life in photos: December 2017

I completed my Goodreads Reading Challenge and then some (1)! At the time of posting my challenge update I’d read 63 books but actually managed to finish Ready Player One (5) by Christmas – highly recommended.

Christmas was a beaut and the kid was so happy (8) – I think that’s my new favourite photo of him. Jenson helped me to make presents for the family (3) and we were all so lucky with what we received. Check out all the unicorns (9).

I’ve been working on my 2018 goals, key ones being to work on my self-confidence (4), make more time for myself (6) and to be kinder to myself (7). Self-care isn’t selfish and we should all do more of what makes us happy.

Happy new year, everyone. I hope it’s a good ‘un.

A Cornish Mum

5 thoughts on “My life in photos: December 2018 #LikedandLoved”

  1. Oh that freakshake looks amazing! And I am loving the stationery again 🙂 #LikedandLoved was a bit quiet last month as I didn’t share it much, back on it this month again and the new linky opens tomorrow 🙂
    Thanks for linking lovely, Stevie x

  2. Hi Emma, I love the idea of reflecting on each month as they come. I also really enjoyed ready player one, I couldn’t put it down! What’s the plan for January 2018?

      1. I just saw it yesterday, I’ve never waited so long to see a Star Wars movie. Travelled 11 hours to the capital city of Cambodia to see it 😂

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