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Jenson: 32 months old [Living Arrows 1/12 2018)

Not gonna lie, it all went a bit downhill after last month’s awesome update. We’ve had tantrums galore, an inability to eat lunch at nursery and a lot of early starts.

Jenson 32 months old

It’s not all doom and gloom though. Jenson loves getting creative (painting and baking) and seems to really enjoy spending time with his older cousin. He copies what he does, they dress up in superhero costumes together and they even cuddle! Maybe we’ve finally turned a corner.

Jenson 32 months old

We’ve had a couple of problems at nursery, namely not wanting to eat his lunch (but he will eat dessert, go figure!) or share Peppa Pig toys. He’s also really sensitive to other children getting upset while they settle in. But other than that, he seems to be doing ok. I think it’s really helped his speech. We’ve got more short sentences, usually centred around Peppa Pig or bedtime. He loves tucking his teddy in under the duvet and says “sleep Teddy night night”.

Speaking of sleep, the kid just won’t sleep in at the moment, regardless of whatever time he goes to bed. He’s normally awake sometime between 5.30 and 6am but will normally be appeased with YouTube videos on a mobile phone. Bad mum alert! You do what you gotta do to get an extra hour or two of broken sleep.

Baking with Jenson - Rice Krispie cakes

We’ve had a few germs floating around the house since Christmas. Jenson was sent home from nursery because he had a bit of a temperature and wasn’t right in himself – I couldn’t get home from work fast enough, especially when Luke called to say he was screaming and asking for me. The mum guilt never ends. But when you’re lying there with your child and they snuggle right in and put their arm around you to hold on tight you know all is forgiven. I love those sleepy snuggles. I must be doing something right because he falls asleep in seconds.

I wonder what the next month will bring. My op has been rescheduled for the end of the month so we’ll see how Jenson goes swimming with Luke. I’m also hoping he’ll finally start eating lunch at nursery and will feel a bit happier once the newbies are settled. Fingers crossed.

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