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Jenson: 33 months old [Living Arrows 2/12]

It’s true what they say: the days are long but the years are short. You see your kid every day but one day you really see them. You see just how much they’ve grown; they can suddenly reach things they couldn’t before. They start trying to have actual conversations with you and you realise that you can now understand about 90% of what they’re trying to say. They still cry at nursery drop off but the staff send you photographic evidence of how happy they are there and you realise that most of your fears are unfounded. They’ve become little people rather than nonsense-spewing, stumbling toddlers.

Jenson 33 months old

We’ve seen so much of a change in Jenson in the last month. I used to blog about the dreaded comparison trap and how many of his peers seemed more advanced in terms of their speech. Now you can’t shut him up! Not that I’d want to. He’s so proud of what he’s learned and finds any opportunity to share words he knows. You can’t walk down the street without him pointing out cars or numbers and letters on a sign. I’m still not entirely sure how he seems to recognise D, R and W.

Snow day Feb 2018

I’m sure most of his developments and his growing confidence are thanks, in large part, to the nursery staff. We receive regular updates on his progress, including photos, videos and details from focused observations.

Jenson is a bit of an introvert, much like his parents, and, fortunately, the nursery has always gone at his pace rather than forcing him to join in. They allow him to sit in the book corner on arrival and have some quiet time until he feels ready to join the rest of the group and an adult sits with him at meal times so he feels less anxious.

Last week’s observation included a video of him reading with a member of staff and he made animals noises and clapped himself at the end. It’s great to see that he feels so comfortable with them now, especially considering he had a small pool of trusted adults pre-nursery.

Jenson park

We do what we can to encourage him at home too. He’s really into drawing, painting and colouring and likes to help with baking. His favourite part is adding the sprinkles – I think he just likes anything that makes a mess.

His favourite toy at the moment is his Doc McStuffins puzzle. He must have put it together about 20 times the other day and can now complete it on his own in record time – I’m pretty impressed considering it’s a 12-piece. He’s even taken it to bed a couple of times, as well as his Peppa Pig annual.

He’s such a nerd – and I bleddy love it!

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3 thoughts on “Jenson: 33 months old [Living Arrows 2/12]”

  1. He’s so lovely! I’m just finishing off a blog on my little brother who’s just turned 3 month 😁 it’s so strange when I go away for long weekends and come home, he changes so much! X

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