Blippo stationery review and giveaway
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Kawaii stationery [Blippo review + giveaway]

I'm a massive stationery nerd, that much should be obvious by now, but what I especially love is cute and Instagrammable stationery, which Blippo does by the bucket load. Seriously. Their kawaii goodies (and it's not just stationery) are so flipping cheap - and they ship to the UK for free! I could quite literally… Continue reading Kawaii stationery [Blippo review + giveaway]

lip balm duo from new look

Item of the day: Lip balm from New Look

I'm not much of a beauty follower and barely even use so much as a lip balm when winter draws in but I'm seriously tempted by this super kawaii lip balm duo from New Look. If nothing else, they're perfect for the old Instagram grid but with flavours like white peach and cotton candy, they… Continue reading Item of the day: Lip balm from New Look

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Saturday Share #60

There's something good about finding the time to publish these weekly posts late on a Saturday night (#partyon) - it means y'all have loads to read over your Sunday morning coffee! You're welcome. Read on for Cornwall travel tips, beautiful books, blogging recommendations and more. Cornwall Whether you're a local or you're visiting for a… Continue reading Saturday Share #60

kawaii slippers from firebox

Item of the day: Kawaii slippers from Firebox

Remember the baby mop? If you don't have a little one to crawl around and clean the floor for you, now all you have to do is channel your inner Tom Cruise in Risky Business and your floor will be shiny in no time. Just get your hands on a pair of these Kawaii slippers… Continue reading Item of the day: Kawaii slippers from Firebox

vibrating plush toy from modes 4 u
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Item of the day: Vibrating plush toy from Modes 4 U

I'm a bit obsessed with cute baby toys at the moment and my favourite from Modes 4 U has to be this vibrating plush. If you pull the little seaweed dude in the front, it vibrates and moves! And it's only £9.81. Although it's only 10cm tall...

panda letter writing set
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New favourite stationery website: Modes 4 U

Stop the presses! I've found the most incredible kawaii stationery site! And it's all available for peanuts! Modes 4 U have shit loads of amazing gear and I insist you head over there and check it out - straight after you discover my favourites below... Mechanical pencil refill set, £2.24 Ballpoint pen, £5.66 Pencil case,… Continue reading New favourite stationery website: Modes 4 U

kawaii panda slippers from firebox

Item of the day: Kawaii panda slippers from Firebox

Did Santa forget to bring you a new pair of slippers? Got a soft spot for anything Kawaii? You'll go nuts for these panda slippers from Firebox! Once you've got these bad boys on your feet you'll never want to be apart from them. They're £24.99.