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Jenson: 34 months old

I can’t believe at the end of next month I’ll be the mother of a three year old. I swear he was just a baby. And we’re certainly past the days of learning to walk and talk. In a couple of weeks he’ll be moving up a room at nursery and we’ll need to start thinking about how we’d like to increase his hours in September.

Jenson 34 months old

Nursery has always been a bit of a tough one for me. It took him a while to settle and now that he’s comfortable there I can really see the benefits. He’s more talkative, more capable physically and he’s no longer immediately on the defensive when another kid comes near him at the park or soft play. I’m sure he’d continue to thrive if he spent more time there but I’m also really precious of my time with him, which I realise is a bit silly and selfish. He does 9-1 twice a week at the moment. Maybe we’ll look to do an extra day in September and then stretch those days out to 3pm come next Easter.

Jenson 34 months old

When your kid is almost three, you have less ‘firsts’ to record but we had one the other day: first hair cut! He had stubborn cradle cap and didn’t have much hair for a long time but he was finally ready for a trim. We took him to Luke’s barbers where they have a kiddy room and I swear he would have stayed all day if he could. They had car seats, a fish tank, cool paintings on the wall and loads of toys. Plus it was only £7! We’ll definitely be going back.

Jenson 34 months old

Jenson 34 months old

He’s got a new favourite too, just in time for his birthday. He’s obsessed with Bing. And Hey Duggee. At least he’s learned a lot from watching the same few episodes on repeat. I’m going to track down some awesome merch and pop back with a birthday wish list post in a couple of weeks.

What are your kids into at the moment?

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