2018 goals update (six months in)

I have a tendency to set goals for the year and only revisit them 12 months later when it’s time to write some new ones. This year, I’ve been taking some time to reflect at the end of each month and thought I’d do a little halfway post to give myself a kick up the arse. Here goes… You can check out the original post here.

1. Make more time for me

I’ve actually not done too badly at this, asking for help more so that I can have some time to write when I’ve had a string of long evenings with Jenson and/or had early nights to re-energise. I can certainly do better though and plan to cut back a bit on the blog so I have more time to actually relax at night. I’m also going to be taking on more hours at work from September and need to make sure I get the balance right.

Cheer Up Buttercup Lush bath bomb

2. Watch more films

I’ve been to the cinema perhaps once a month and have seen a few films at home – nowhere near enough. We got an hour into the new Blade Runner film about three weeks ago and haven’t picked it up since. Maybe by cutting back on blogging at night and making more time to relax I can start having weekly film nights. Watch this space. Mamma Mia 2 and The Ant-Man and The Wasp are definite cinema trips.

3. Be more creative

It always surprises me how relaxing and inspiring it is to pick up my bujo. There’s more I want to try though, such as hand lettering and water colours. I’m in danger of filling up my relaxing time with more ‘work’ if I carry on like this… I’ve got a collaboration coming up for World Calligraphy Day, so that’ll be fun.

4. Go on more adventures

I haven’t ticked off anything from this part of the original post yet but hopefully my summer bucket list will start getting ticked off soon. Jenson loves being outdoors so I’m sure he’d love visiting new places.

Edit: Hold up, I went to the London Stationery Show! That was pretty epic for me as it was the biggest thing I’ve done just for me since Jenson was born.

London Stationery Show 2018

5. More date nights/days

Money is tight so we haven’t been out for any meals or anything but we have had a few cinema trips. What we need to start doing is just spending more time together, which is where the weekly film nights come in. Sometimes we can go a week without having a real child-free conversation.

6. Try new things

I still have a slight aversion to change but I’m working on it.

7. Work on my side hustle

I’ve been working on growing the blog and peaked with National Stationery Week. I’ve sort of plateaued since and need to reassess for the rest of the year.

8. Read more books outside of my comfort zone

I’ve read 32 books so far this year (my Goodreads Challenge is 50) and it has included a mix of chick lit, self-help, feminist non-fiction, young adult, indie, thrillers, graphic novels, classics and more. I wouldn’t say any were particularly out of my comfort zone but I’ve got a couple coming up that are a bit different to what I would normally read.

My July 2018 TBR

9. Make new connections

Well I think it’s safe to tick this one off. So far this year, I’ve worked with 19 people/brands who haven’t appeared on this blog before, thanks largely to National Stationery Week.

10. Be kinder to myself

I think what I really need to work on is a mix of body confidence and eating better. I’ve been the same size since Jenson was born and I’m not entirely comfortable with looking in the mirror, so I need to take some steps to change that.

Good Enough t-shirt from The School of Life

So, still a few things to work on. Luckily anti-guru Sarah Knight is back with a Get Your Shit Together Journal* and I can’t wait to make a start on it.

*I was sent a copy for review purposes. Review post coming soon

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