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2018 goals update (six months in)

I have a tendency to set goals for the year and only revisit them 12 months later when it's time to write some new ones. This year, I've been taking some time to reflect at the end of each month and thought I'd do a little halfway post to give myself a kick up the… Continue reading 2018 goals update (six months in)

saturday share

Saturday Share #125

I haven't posted a Saturday Share for a couple of weeks as the blogosphere was a wee bit quiet with all the festivities. Now everyone's back with their Christmas highlights and 2018 goals and there's so much awesome! Here's a look at my favourite blog posts from the last couple of weeks. If you're sick… Continue reading Saturday Share #125

2018 goals - Get Your Shit Together

My goals for 2018

A couple of weeks ago I reflected on the goals I set for 2017 and, while I had a good stab at some of them, there are some I want to carry forward into the new year. I realised that these are the things I want to consistently do more of: 1. Make more time… Continue reading My goals for 2018

Busy B 2018 diary review

Planning for 2018 with Busy B #BusyQueenB

I was recently selected as one of Busy B's Brand Ambassadors and to say I was excited would be a huge understatement. Could there be a more fitting collaboration than one between a nerdy blogger and a stationery brand which not only produces functional and fun products (a vital requirement of every item of stationery… Continue reading Planning for 2018 with Busy B #BusyQueenB