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Saturday Share #66

It's been a crazy week for blogging. I went from scheduling a few days in advance to having to skip nights of blogging in order to sleep and then completely missing my Friday Favourites because Jenson had a cold and I wanted to get my Cornwall Design Fair post up. Does anyone else have weeks… Continue reading Saturday Share #66

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Item of the day: Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notes from Amazon

Yay, Rachel Khoo has a new book out! Well, it'll be released on 12 February and you can pre-order the hardback on Amazon now for £13.60. I love her other beautiful cookbooks and this one looks like more of the same - 100 mouth-watering recipes with stunning photography and her own sketches. Yes please!

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Item of the day: The Little Paris Kitchen by Rachel Khoo

Rachel Khoo's The Little Paris Kitchen has popped up on several of my favourite websites lately and I've been considering picking up a copy. I'm not much of a cook and am wary of buying cook books in case they're too adventurous for me. And by adventurous I mean anything where I need to keep… Continue reading Item of the day: The Little Paris Kitchen by Rachel Khoo