Roald Dahl scrumdiddlyumptious tee from Truffle Shuffle
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Every day is Roald Dahl Day with Truffle Shuffle

In case it wasn't obvious from recent posts, I'm a huge Roald Dahl fan. Annual days are a great way to celebrate but what about the rest of the year? Fortunately Truffle Shuffle* are on hand to ensure you can get your mitts on plenty of nerdy merch every day of the year. Coincidentally, around… Continue reading Every day is Roald Dahl Day with Truffle Shuffle

raindrops desk set from paperchase
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NSW16 Item of the day: Desk set from Paperchase

I go through phases with my home office set-up - sometimes I want everything to match and other days I want everything to be completely different. Paperchase have the cutest little collection with the Raindrops series and in particular this desk set, which includes a ringbinder, set of three exercise books, magazine file, desk pad… Continue reading NSW16 Item of the day: Desk set from Paperchase

paperchase parkano range
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New favourite Paperchase range: Parkano

Every week I want to completely overhaul my office space and replace all of my stationery and desktop accessories with a new theme. Right now I'm lusting after Paperchase's Parkano range. It's so colourful! Set of 2 A5 exercise books, £5.00 A5 notebook, £8.00 Meal planner, £8.00 Mug, £6.00 Ringbinder, £5.00 Magazine file, £15.00 Pen… Continue reading New favourite Paperchase range: Parkano

pencils from marks and spencer
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Wish List: M&S stationery

When I went for my nursing bra fitting the other day I browsed the baby section, as you do, and stumbled across the stationery section completely by accident. I often forget that Marks and Spencer have a great stationery range as I'm always in there for other things. I had a cheeky look online and… Continue reading Wish List: M&S stationery

panda letter writing set
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New favourite stationery website: Modes 4 U

Stop the presses! I've found the most incredible kawaii stationery site! And it's all available for peanuts! Modes 4 U have shit loads of amazing gear and I insist you head over there and check it out - straight after you discover my favourites below... Mechanical pencil refill set, £2.24 Ballpoint pen, £5.66 Pencil case,… Continue reading New favourite stationery website: Modes 4 U