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Item of the day: Avengers Moleskines

I started this blog post as a feature on the new Harry Potter Moleskines but when I went to share the link I discovered that there are some pretty epic limited edition Avengers Moleskines available now too! I think the Spiderman one is my favourite. It's £29.95 but the others are £19.95.

venom cycling top from amazon
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Item of the day: Superhero gym wear from Amazon

Ever feel like gym wear is just a bit too boring? Luke spotted the best tops on Amazon the other day. Like, actually the best! You can get Superman, Spiderman, Antman, Venom, The Winter Soldier and more. They're great for cycling in too. Pretty freakin' awesome, right? They start at £10.99.

tu clothing wishlist: the jenson edition

Tu clothing wishlist: The Jenson edition

I think I might actually be addicted to buying things for Jenson. I can't walk into Sainsburys or Morrisons (both conveniently a short walk down the road) without buying anything for him. Fortunately, Morrisons have had a massive sale on recently, so I've stocked up on the next size clothes and I've built myself a… Continue reading Tu clothing wishlist: The Jenson edition

batman shirt from next

Item of the day: Batman shirt from Next

Next are great for superhero clothing for little boys. In most places I look, they start at at least one year old but with Next you can get awesome tees for three months plus. I love this Batman shirt, which starts at £13. They also currently stock an Iron Man t-shirt and Spiderman PJs and… Continue reading Item of the day: Batman shirt from Next

2 tog sleepsuit
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October baby clothes haul

Yep, this is generally a monthly occurrence but I haven't remembered to photograph a lot of them post-purchase. It's generally a mad dash to photograph Jenson looking cute in his little clothes before he unleashes a load of vomit. Or poo. Or both... Yep, we're at that fun teething stage where he poos all the… Continue reading October baby clothes haul

spiderman and iron man wetsuits from amazon
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Item of the day: Spiderman and Iron Man wetsuits from Amazon

We popped to Sainsbury's yesterday to see what cameras they had to offer (more on that later!) and on the way out I was left open-mouthed by these incredible kids' wetsuits! When I went to their website this morning so I could share them with y'all, they weren't on there. No matter - Amazon do… Continue reading Item of the day: Spiderman and Iron Man wetsuits from Amazon

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Highlights of the week

This week's post is a bit longer than usual because I completely missed off some of my bookmarked posts last week! Silly, Emma! Also, I have discovered Bloglovin! But rather than making this post ridiculously long, I'm going to do a separate post in the week for some blogs and posts that I've fallen in… Continue reading Highlights of the week

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Judging a book by its cover: Comics and graphic novels

A few weeks ago my lovely baby brother bought me this copy of Death of the Family (Batman: New 52). The cover is amazing and I immediately had to share it online. It got me thinking about other new, special and limited editions of awesome comics. As you probably already know, Batman is my favourite… Continue reading Judging a book by its cover: Comics and graphic novels

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V&A Hollywood costume exhibition

When I say "I'm a film geek", I don't use the expression lightly. It's not like someone saying "hey, I'm such a film geek. I really can't wait for the new Twilight film". I say it and mean "I'm such a film geek. I subscribe to half a dozen magazines, have hundreds of DVDs, read… Continue reading V&A Hollywood costume exhibition