Highlights of the week

New blog finds

Reverie Lane
Blunt’s Book Blog

Blog posts and articles

29 awesome modern romantic comedies that don’t insult your intelligence – Thought Catalog
35 dogs that will make your day instantly better – BuzzFeed
10 reasons the Marvel cinematic universe is doomed to fail – What Culture
Our tea and crafting adventure – Live it. Love it. Make it
Audrey Hepburn quotes – BFI
The hidden feminism of Audrey Hepburn – The Week
Interview with Gabrielle Treanor from The Green Gables – Gabriella Buckingham
50 best teen movies – Total Film
5 things Jess Day from New Girl has taught me – Thought Catalog
Billy Wilder, the art of screenwriting no. 1 – The Paris Review


Stephen Sutton discharged from hospital after ‘remarkable’ recovery – Huffington Post UK

My week in photos

my week in photos

1. Easing into the working week gently with a coffee and pastry
2. Enjoying the sun while working between campuses
3. My bestie came down for the weekend and I met her gorgeous pooch, Oscar. I wasn’t allowed to keep him…
4. Finishing the week with a cocktail at lunch – it is a Bank Holiday after all!

Want, need, wear, read

want need wear read

Want: I’m loving the Fujifilm Instax camera in blue. I like the idea of being able to take random photos and have an instant copy – sitting out in the garden, walking along the beach, etc. It’s available from Amazon for £84.95, complete with film, and you can also get this adorable matching case and photo album! Think it’s time to start compiling my Christmas Wish List…

Need: My lovely Alice in Wonderland tea selection arrived this week but, being a common PG Tips drinker, I didn’t realise that it was loose tea. I didn’t particularly want it for the contents anyway, as the tins are adorable on their own, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try the different teas and review them. I had a quick look for an infuser and found this suitably adorable teapot one for a mere fiver!

Wear: As the warmer weather sets in, I can usually be found in a simple tee and jeans (before I start braving skirts and dresses – you can’t always rely on the Cornish weather!). Right now I’m loving New Look’s city sketch tee for £9.99.

Read: The Vagenda: A zero tolerance guide to the media was released this week. Get your copy from Amazon for £9.09 *adds to Wish List*


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