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Friday Favourites #3

It's that time of the week again folks - time to take a minute to be grateful for all of the awesomeness the last week has brought, despite both myself and the baby drowning in snot. You're welcome for that image BTW! New Girl is back! When Jess and Nick broke up I worried that… Continue reading Friday Favourites #3

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New favourite artist: Oh Gosh Cindy

So I was just browsing the internet, as you do, going from one link to another, and I can't remember how but I came across a watercolour print of one of my favourite characters ever - 10 Things I Hate About You's Kat. And that's not all. The artist, Oh Gosh Cindy, has created watercolour… Continue reading New favourite artist: Oh Gosh Cindy

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What I’ve been watching lately

While I was away from blogging for a while, I started building up a long list of films I had seen and wanted to review. So much time has gone past now that I thought I'd whittle them down into mini reviews here. Having a quiet night in this week? Here are my recommendations: One… Continue reading What I’ve been watching lately

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New favourite Etsy shop: Dottie Rocks

I've just discovered Dottie Rocks on Etsy, home to some (more!) pretty effing awesome pencils and gorgeous gold prints. Check 'em out! Wuthering Heights pencils, £7.50 New Girl pencils, £5.00 Audrey Hepburn pencils, £6.50 Audrey Hepburn quote print, £10.00 Marilyn Monroe quote print, £10.00 Lana Del Rey quote print, £10.009

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Is it time to grow up already?

Anyone else out there feel like a grown up yet? And when are you meant to 'grow up' anyway? When you finish school? When you leave home? When you graduate? Get a full-time job? Marry? Have kids? I was reading an article in The Simple Things about being playful. It talks about how it's all… Continue reading Is it time to grow up already?


Highlights of the week

New blog finds Reverie Lane Blunt's Book Blog Blog posts and articles 29 awesome modern romantic comedies that don't insult your intelligence - Thought Catalog 35 dogs that will make your day instantly better - BuzzFeed 10 reasons the Marvel cinematic universe is doomed to fail - What Culture Our tea and crafting adventure -… Continue reading Highlights of the week


Highlights of the week

The internet is a bloody awesome thing and this week there have been loads of articles I've found myself engrossed in, videos I've been distracted by and new blogs I've fallen in love with. Here are a few of my favourites. New blog discoveries Live it. Love it. Make it. Pop Verse Articles 25 First World… Continue reading Highlights of the week


Item of the day: Peter Pan top

Have I ever told you I love Zooey Deschanel? I did? Sorry, but the woman is just so damn fabulous! And I'd love to have everything in her wardrobe (obvs in a bigger size), as she's all about the prom dresses, bows and cute collars. In fact, I've just discovered a Peter Pan collar top… Continue reading Item of the day: Peter Pan top


Top 10: films of 2012

I haven't seen half the amount of films that I wanted to this year. We used to live two minutes up the road from a cinema, but in September we moved to a town where the nearest cinema was a bus or train ride away, so it became a much bigger effort. Films I've not… Continue reading Top 10: films of 2012