Blog posts I’ve loved lately

I’m still not blogging particularly regularly at the moment (I’m working on feeling more awake while pregnant) but hopefully things’ll pick up a bit while I have almost two weeks off for Christmas. I don’t see the point in backdating my highlights of the weeks posts so here are some of the posts I’ve bookmarked and come across on Bloglovin lately.

Jen’s Guide to Photographing Festive Food – a little opulent
Create an app icon for your blog – Wonder Forest
How I hope blogging will change in 2015 – more about cat

25 favourite things about Christmas: 19th December – Miss Jojangles
Ingredients in a jar gifts – Live It Love It Make It
What’s in my Christmas Eve box 2014 – Polka Spots and Freckle Dots
Christmas: Expectation vs reality – The Persephone Complex

Huggie bear biscuits – Milk Bubble Tea
Inside The Healthy Dessert Cookbook – chocolate-covered Katie
Cornish Hevva Cake – Frugal Feeding

Make it: Unicorn hobbyhorse – Live It Love It Make It
Cute bookmarks to make – Super Cute Kawaii
Harley Quinn costume on a budget – More About Cat

Dublin – Being Little

We liked: being a girl – Little Winter
Just because you’re an adult… – Lemon Freckles

28 things every bookworm should have in their dream home – woo home
Happy birthday to Sylvia Plath, who will always be my writer-hero – Hello Giggles
Bookish Questions – Zen Scribbles

Five ways Taylor Swift ruined my life – Hello Giggles

Film & TV
The quotable wisdom of Joey Potter – Hello Giggles

Christmas Gift Guide 2014: Books & Stationery with Chronicle Books – Vivatramp

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