alice tea chest from whittard
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Item of the day: Alice’s tea chest from Whittard

I've blogged before about the awesome Alice in Wonderland stock at Whittard and now there's more! Check out this incredible tea chest with three tasty flavours - afternoon tea, raspberry and vanilla. And, of course, the packaging is rather stunning. It's £15.00 for the set. If you're anything like me, you'll need some biccies to… Continue reading Item of the day: Alice’s tea chest from Whittard


Blog posts I’ve loved lately

I'm still not blogging particularly regularly at the moment (I'm working on feeling more awake while pregnant) but hopefully things'll pick up a bit while I have almost two weeks off for Christmas. I don't see the point in backdating my highlights of the weeks posts so here are some of the posts I've bookmarked… Continue reading Blog posts I’ve loved lately