my goodreads reading challenge 2016

My 2016 Goodreads Challenge

I'd had a Goodreads account for a while but not really used it until this year. When I was bored I liked to rate books in order to get recommendations but I never used it to track my reading. This year I set myself my first challenge - to read 50 books in 2016. I… Continue reading My 2016 Goodreads Challenge

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My Christmas list

Last week I shared Jenson's Christmas list and this week I'm sharing my growing list/Pinterest board. My birthday is two months away and Luke, the lovely boyfriend that he is, has already started shopping, so I'm not being that much of an eager beaver by putting together a Pinterest list of favourites for friends and… Continue reading My Christmas list

louise from bobs burgers pop vinyl figure
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Item of the day: Bob’s Burgers Louise Belcher Pop! Vinyl Figure from Zavvi

When Pop! Vinyl figures first came out I wasn't overly impressed; they seemed like over-priced little toys. Now I bleddy love them! Except I haven't actually bought one that. Ya see, I have a bit of an addictive personality and if I buy one I'll end up buying all of them! But there are so… Continue reading Item of the day: Bob’s Burgers Louise Belcher Pop! Vinyl Figure from Zavvi


Blog posts I’ve loved lately

I'm still not blogging particularly regularly at the moment (I'm working on feeling more awake while pregnant) but hopefully things'll pick up a bit while I have almost two weeks off for Christmas. I don't see the point in backdating my highlights of the weeks posts so here are some of the posts I've bookmarked… Continue reading Blog posts I’ve loved lately