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Some Instagram favourites

My problem with Instagram is that I’m always screenshotting things I love and forgetting to search for them later. There are dozens of images on my phone going back months and most of them are impossible to find now. Here are some of the goodies I’ve managed to track down…

choco cafe stationery

I managed to find the sticky notes booklet here for £3.50 and one of the pens here for £1.16!

dorothy must die

Dorothy Must Die is available on Amazon from £7.99.

cat pinafore

Pinafore still available from Lazy Oaf for £70.00

adventures in stationery

Available from Amazon for £10.00.

charlotte macey christmas jug

Now just £10 in the sale at Charlotte Macey.

social anxiety

Only $20! But can I get it shipped here?

molly hatch bakeware

So much pretty! Rolling pin £18.00, cake server £12.00, measuring cups £34.00.

penguin bookends

A bargain £26 for the pair.

the bookshop book

Just £9.74 on Amazon.

be optimistic badge

A mere £6! Gotta love Pedlars.

free speech tee

Support journos for £25.00.

i love you more than pencils

You can never have too many pencils – £6.50 from Not on the High Street.

slightly foxed

Subscribe for £40 a year.

flash em its friday

PJs for £18.00.

creativity inc

Hardback £13.60 from Amazon.

That’s it for now. Imma try and keep on top of it for my ‘item of the day’ posts.

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