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Follow Friday #19

Each morning I scroll through my Bloglovin feed, marking the less interesting posts as unread and vowing to get through the rest later. It almost never happens. Now I’m changing things up and saving the more interesting looking ones to a list to be read later – so they don’t fall off my feed. I still have over 200 unread… Here’s the best of the ones I’ve actually found time to read!

follow friday

The Only Advice A New Mother Needs – Scary Mommy
37 Times You Know You’re a Parent – Huffington Post
On my newfound motherhood – Huma Qureshi
This incredible photo of a c-section scar has gone viral – Baby Centre

19 Fucking Things Only Women Who Love Swearing Will Understand – BuzzFeed
29 Etsy Prints You Absolutely Need In Your Life – Hannah Gale
9 Things You Should Do Every Single Day – Hannah Gale

New! Bramblewood Back to School Stationery – WH Smith
Stationery Shop Launch! – Gh0st Parties

Talking gaming, her memoir and online bullies, with “Queen of the Geeks” Felicia Day – Hello Giggles

Is Blogging Dead? – freeborboleta
Seeds of Change – On Serpentine Shores
Are You a Social Media Stalker? – The Only Girl in the House
Being a Blogger Boss – Get your Geek On – The Only Girl in the House
Thinking Out Loud: Blogger Identity Crisis? – The Only Girl in the House
The Vocabularist: Super, hyper, over or uber? – BBC News

Did technology kill the book or give it new life? – BBC News

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