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What’s in Jenson’s Christmas Eve box?

For Jenson’s first Christmas we’re starting the Christmas Eve box tradition. I saw loads of bloggers doing it last year and love the idea of children having something to open on Christmas Eve to help build the excitement – not that he’ll need the help as he gets older, I’m sure! Each year it’ll have a new pair of Christmas PJs, a festive book and DVD, a toy and, when he’s a bit older, a mug with hot chocolate treats, etc.

jensons christmas eve box 2015

I picked up a box from Card Factory for about £3 which should last a few years and picked up a few bits and pieces in the build-up to Christmas – and unintentionally stuck to a theme. The Raymond Briggs Father Christmas film is a must-watch for me every Christmas Eve, so I popped my copy in his box. The DVD is a double-bill with The Snowman and his book for this year is The Snowman. I didn’t realise until it arrived that it’s literally just a picture book but it should still be fun to go through together. I also spotted this cute pack of three Christmas hand puppets on Amazon which made perfect Christmas presents – I could give one each to Jenson’s little friends and keep one for his box. Obviously I had to keep the snowman! And, of course, we’ve got fairisle print PJs from Boots. Perfect!

jensons christmas eve box 2015

We’ll be heading to see my family on Christmas Eve (well, me and Jenson at least, as Luke is working til 3pm) and coming home in time for bath time and festive snuggles. I’m looking forward to sitting in our Christmas PJs (yep, I’ve got some!), ‘reading’ The Snowman, playing with his puppet and watching Father Christmas – it’s always the last thing I have to do before bed.

I hope you’re all having a lovely Christmas Eve and I’ll catch ya on the other side!

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