Personalised letter from Santa - Lapland Letters review
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Making Christmas magical with Lapland Letters

Have I mentioned how ridiculously excited I am about Christmas this year? A small child's excitement is infectious and I'm falling for the magic and wonder of Christmas all over again.There are so many things that we're able to do with Jenson during the build up that he hasn't been interested in before. Now he… Continue reading Making Christmas magical with Lapland Letters

jensons christmas eve box 2015
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What’s in Jenson’s Christmas Eve box?

For Jenson's first Christmas we're starting the Christmas Eve box tradition. I saw loads of bloggers doing it last year and love the idea of children having something to open on Christmas Eve to help build the excitement - not that he'll need the help as he gets older, I'm sure! Each year it'll have… Continue reading What’s in Jenson’s Christmas Eve box?

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Top 10: Christmas films

On Christmas Eve there is nothing better than snuggling up on the sofa with your loved ones and watching a cheesy Christmas movie. I'm a sucker for them but my boyfriend isn't overly keen, so I thought I'd share my top ten to prove there's something here for everyone. Happy viewing! For the romantic There's… Continue reading Top 10: Christmas films