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Follow Friday #43

While I was writing last week’s Follow Friday post my old and knackered MacBook Pro (please don’t die!) crapped out on me because I had too many tabs open! Oops! So this week’s post was intended to be an extended version before Bloglovin’ seemed to go down on Thursday night. ‘trific! Good excuse for an early night and catching up on The Death of Superman I spose. Enjoy!

follow friday


Does your boyfriend always tell you off when you have to photograph your food (and his) before you eat it? Turns out it actually makes it taste better, so there. Scientific fact!

Finally, some arguments for why Instagram themes don’t work. Although I’ve been making the most of natural light to do some mass stock blog photography, I still don’t have a theme for my account – it’s my life, surely that in itself is a theme? Speaking of Instagram, I’m not very impressed with changes to their algorithms

Hannah has convinced me that I need a bullet journal in my life. And her photos have convinced me that she should design the pages for me! I bloody love what she’s done with hers!

Google has confirmed how you should blog about items you’ve been sent for review

Thinking about updating your ‘about me’ page? I really need to! Be sure to check out Elizabeth’s top tips first


There has never been a better time for women in comic books and I’ve loved reading blog posts on what female superheroes can teach you about not fitting in. There have been loads of great blog posts about female superheroes lately and it’s just further reiterated that I need to give Spider Woman a go!

How amazing are these Studio Ghibli paper crafts?!

I wanna go on the Harry Potter studio tour so bad!!!


Sophie Ella’s Easter basket is the cutest thing. It’s something I’ll seriously consider doing when Jenson’s a bit older, especially as we don’t want him to overload on chocolate. I think one year I must have had about 20 Easter eggs when I was younger

This secret diary of an eighteen month old made me LOL so hard!

Jules and Molly reminded me that no-one’s lives are picture perfect, especially when babies are involved!


Did ya know Hannah Gale’s fella has a blog? This is pretty much why I want to go to New York. And Katy convinced me that I need to go to Bruges


I haven’t been to The Lost Gardens of Heligan since I was in primary school and Stevie has reminded me that I really need to go back

Make it

Even though there’s no meat on this pizza, I totally want to make it!

Bacon and hot cross buns? Whodda think it?!

No-bake lemon curd and white chocolate cheesecake and brownies? Hell yes!!!

Film & TV

I found this article on movie hype interesting. I get stupid-excited about some new releases and then the film can’t always live up to my expectations. Especially relevant considering today’s official release of Batman vs Superman

Have a great weekend!

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