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My life in photos: March 2016

We’re already a week into April – seriously, where has the time gone? I’ve been back at work for over two months and Jenson’s first birthday is less than two months away. Woah. March flew by in a whirlwind of yet more coffee and cake, plus Easter goodies and sunny walks. Take a peek at some Instagram highlights.

march 2016 in photos

1. Last month I shared my erasable black pen – then I went out and got colourful ones! They’re literally the best thing ever!
2. Weekly marketing meetings require hot chocolates. With cream, marshmallows and sprinkles. Mmmmmm
3. Mother’s Day lunch at OMG’s
4. Mother’s Day card
5. Easter elevenses
6. I’m loving being able to read regularly again. Check out my review of The Night That Changed Everything here
7. Beautiful Mother’s Day lilies from my boys
8. Lovely Spring walk to Marazion/The Godolphin
9. Finally cracked this bad boy of a Christmas gift open
10. Incredible cream tea from The Quirky Bird in Penzance
11. I caught up with Becky Brandon (nee Bloomwood)
12. Quite possibly my new favourite magazine – review coming soon
13. Even better Easter elevenses
14. Prepping for Batman vs Superman – find my alternative review here
15. Falling even more in love with Blogosphere

And I can’t let a month go without sharing Jenson’s own ‘highlights’!

march 2016 in photos - jenson

1. Another successful trip to Poundland!
2. He bleddy loves that ball pit!
3. Sitting in a big boy chair when we went out for Mother’s Day lunch with Nanny
4. Free Ella’s Kitchen book – fun!
5 & 6. Just chillin’
7. Practising swimming
8. Morning playtime
9. His tongue is out all the time!
10. Spider Baby post-bath
11. Looking all kinds of cute
12. Baby’s first Easter!
13. One of my favourite outfits
14. He’s not crawling/walking yet so we can still just plonk him down and leave the room for a minute
15. We’ve finally decorated and moved Jenson into his own room! We just need something else for the wall before sharing a nursery tour
16. Someone did very well for their first Easter!

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