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My life in photos: June 2016

My blog post schedule seems to go from one extreme to another – sometimes I really get ahead of myself and get a whole week written and scheduled a week in advance and there are other days where Jenson doesn’t nap/I’m out of the house in the day (shock horror!)/am so knackered that I’m in bed at 9pm and don’t write for a few days on the trot. And that makes me sad – I’ve just gone three days without an item of the day post and didn’t post a Sunday Snapshot. Boo. Anyhoo, I’m hoping normal posting will resume for the rest of the week, starting with my June photos round-up – fun!

june 2016 photos_me

1. Sainsburys do the best summer pastries ever – I love these raspberry eclairs!
2. I started bullet journalling! I’m hoping to share some more pages with you soon
3. I tidied my half of the office – and took photos before it got all messy again. I’ve got the post on the backburner at the mo but it should be live in the next couple of weeks. Here’s a peek at my updated inspiration wall
4. I finally read Me Before You – and didn’t cry on the bus! Not sure if I can handle the film though. I still haven’t brought myself to watch The Fault in Our Stars…
5. I got a new top from Mash! Totally just realised I shared the white version in my June photos last year
6. Luke turned the big 3-1. This cake was totally shop-bought!
7. Very excited to have not one but two Peter Rabbit 50p coins! They’ll be going in Jenson’s memory box
8. I made my own Cornish pasty! And it tasted pretty good if I may say so myself. Had to have it with ketchup though #sorrynotsorry
9. I became the ultimate blogger cliche and bought myself peonies. £4 a bunch – bleddy bargain!

And here’s a look at Jenson’s month…

june 2016 photos_jenson

1. Jenson was a big brave boy and four vaccinations in one go – two in each leg!
2. Looking super-cute in his little short dungarees
3. Climbing. On. Everything! It’s exhausting trying to stop him from hurting himself all the time
4. He is falling asleep holding onto everything – big soft toys, plastic toys, his toothbrush…
5. First Farleys Rusk. Note to self: don’t let him eat them on the sofa!
6. Finally crawling on his hands and knees rather than just commando crawling
7. Loving his new trike
8. Brushing his teeth – he hates it now that he’s cut his two bottom molars… More on that in his 13 month update
9. Climbing. In. Everything! So helpful… But cute, right?

How is it July already? I’ve got a couple of extra days off and Luke has a weekend off at the end of the month so hopefully we can do some exploring. Happy July!

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