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Jenson: 13 months old

It’s true what they say – time flies! It’s well over a month since Jenson’s first birthday party and Christmas is fast-approaching. For reals! It feels like we just had his first and now we’re over halfway to his second! We’re picking up the odd present here and there to make it easier on the old bank balance so I’m pretty chuffed that we already have a couple of things put away.

jenson 13 months

We’ve had a pretty eventful month, with the first half of the month particularly hard-going. Jenson had his one-year injections right after his birthday and because of his date of birth, he was able to have the MMR vaccine, which meant four injections – two in each leg. He didn’t appreciate that very much, so much so that when we went back the following week he started crying as soon as he heard the nurse’s voice. But it wasn’t her he was seeing this time – we booked to see a doctor because he was struggling with a cough and it turned out he had croup. It was a pretty scary few days, especially when the doctor warned us to watching out for blue lips and struggling to breathe etc over the weekend. Of course, staying up all hours with a poorly baby was bound to lead to a transfer of germs and I had a rough cold for well over a fortnight – including being practically deaf in one ear. And then Luke got sick and I got sick again! Not fun at all.

jenson one year injections

But it hasn’t all been sad times – there have been loads of milestones over the last couple of weeks. Jenson can pull himself up now – and wants to do it on everything. All. The. Time. It’s bloody exhausting trying to stop him from hurting himself but they’ve gotta learn, right? We can’t get a stairgate up at the bottom of our stairs, frustratingly, because the walls in our house are so shit that the gate will just go straight through. So you really do need to keep an eye on him all the time. He’s not walking unsupported yet but he’s whizzing along with his push along walker. It’s so fast on our new wooden floor that you still need to support him a bit, otherwise the thing will totally get away from him and he’ll faceplant. But he loves it and it’s super-cute to watch.

jenson climbing 13 months

It’s been a pretty rough month for teething – he’s cut his two bottom molars and his top right is on the way. It’s hard when he wakes up screaming in the middle of the night (especially when I seem to be the only one who can settle him) but fortunately it’s not on consecutive nights – touch wood!

He’s coming out with new sounds pretty much every day now. Yesterday he started saying “yeah” and today he keeps coming out with a sound that sounds very much like “tickle”. It’s so cute. And he’s still clapping and waving at everything. I finally got a video of him clapping along to music earlier.

Every little thing becomes my new favourite thing. He loves putting his dummy in my mouth and always smiles when I say thank you. I think it’s because he loves it and thinks he’s doing this amazing thing by sharing. He’ll also pass me balls from the ballpit when we’re playing with it which is sooo adorable.

Something that we really need to work on is putting him down awake. At the moment he falls asleep on one of us 99% of the time and we then make the move to the cot – not helpful when he starts nursery in September. So if anyone has any tips on getting a child to sleep on their own, preferably without the aid of a warm bottle, which still finishes him off, it would be greatly appreciated!

Predictions for the next month: at least one new tooth, perhaps another new word and we could have a fully fledged toddler on our hands!

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