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My life in photos: March 2017

Spring is finally here! There have been the obligatory photos of daffodils and blossoms and a sense of being outdoors more, which is always awesome. This is when summer starts to arrive in Cornwall – I’ve been known to spend a day on the beach in February because as soon as the sun appears we Cornish are always straight outdoors. Cue plenty of trips to the parks and coffee outdoors (in lieu of cider in a beer garden – parenthood, ey?!)

my march 2017 in photos

1. Luke picked me up some daffs so I had them for Instagram shots. Love is!
2. Our usual post-swim cafe was full so we sat outside and enjoyed our coffee and cake in the sunshine.
3. Jenson isn’t a fan of actually playing on the swings and slides in the park anymore; he just wants to explore. Until he’s a bit bigger and can climb all the frames, I imagine.
4. I donned a frock twice this month – for my friend’s hen do and wedding reception. Party on!
5. Afternoon tea at Dolly’s – full post coming soon cos that place is so photogenic!
6. I’ve finally got a bullet journal set-up I’m happy with. Check out the contents here.
7. I took Jenson to the Craft Box for a storytime session and we painted a rabbit. Cuteness! Full post coming next week cos you’ve gotta go along.
8. We went back to Paradise Park and this time Jenson was able to roam around a bit more. He went in the Jungle Barn for the first time too and was much braver than me on the big slide!
9. I finally saw Beauty and the Beast!!! I took my mum for a belated Mother’s Day treat and we both loved it.

Bring on April – more fun in the sun (I hope!) and National Stationery Week! Have I mentioned that enough yet?!

I’m getting in on Stevie’s Liked and Loved Linky with these posts from now on – fun! :)

A Cornish Mum

4 thoughts on “My life in photos: March 2017”

  1. Sounds like you’ve had a fab month and I’m loving the sun being out so much down here again too! I haven’t seen Beauty and the Beast yet eek but really want to and I love Paradise Park. We’ve been there quite a few times and the boys have always loved it.

    Thanks for joining in with #LikedandLoved!

    Stevie x

  2. Love this, sounds like you had lots of fun in March :-) jealous of the afternoon tea, looks scrummy, and Beauty and the Beast – I’m yet to see it! #LikedandLoved

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