Tu clothing wish list spring 2018

A Tu clothing wish list (Spring 2018)

I don't know where we'd be without Sainsbury's 25% off Tu clothing weeks. Since before Jenson was born we've used these opportunities to stock up on next size clothing and this week is no different. With the summer fast-approaching (although it's easy to think otherwise with all these bleddy snow storms!), there are some essentials… Continue reading A Tu clothing wish list (Spring 2018)

30th birthday badge
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How I spent my 30th birthday

In case I didn't mention it enough already, I turned 30 last week. To celebrate/commiserate, I took the week off work and ended up with more plans in 11 days than I usually do in 11 months! For those of you who like photos of cocktails and stationery, here's a look at how I spent… Continue reading How I spent my 30th birthday

beauty and the beast
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Scrappy Little Nobody, The Walking Dead and spring footwear #LittleLoves

It's been another long and knackering week - three nights out of the last seven I've gone to bed with Jenson and not had an evening to myself (self-care anyone?) and there's so much I want to get done. I felt super-productive when I changed all the bedding yesterday though; you can't beat fresh sheets.… Continue reading Scrappy Little Nobody, The Walking Dead and spring footwear #LittleLoves

my march 2017 in photos
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My life in photos: March 2017

Spring is finally here! There have been the obligatory photos of daffodils and blossoms and a sense of being outdoors more, which is always awesome. This is when summer starts to arrive in Cornwall - I've been known to spend a day on the beach in February because as soon as the sun appears we… Continue reading My life in photos: March 2017

new pop vinyls
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Item of the day: New Pop Vinyls from I Want One of Those

New Pop Vinyls alert! IWOOT mentioned the new Beauty and the Beast and Powerpuff Girls Pop Vinyls in their newsletters but when I headed over to the website I also spotted Gwenpool, Batgirl and everyone's favourite Lost antihero, Sawyer! Oh my! They start at £9.99.