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Jenson: 23 months

Holy crap, when I come to write Jenson’s next update he’ll be two years old! We’ve got a lot of birthday planning to do before then. The biggest decision is deciding on a party theme: Moana or Dory. For the last few weeks Moana was his favourite film and it always gets him singing and dancing but in the last few days he’s been asking for Dory and is watching (and copying) most of the film. Plus he loved seeing Dory at the aquarium (more on that in a bit).

Jenson 23 months old

Presents-wise we’re pretty much there. We got him a garage last year to put back and mum has got him one of those awesome car play mat things (ya know, like the one your brother had growing up), so he’s going to have plenty of fun with his cars. As already mentioned, he loves Moana and Dory, so we’re going to get him a singing/talking Maui toy and some Dory bath toys, plus I’ve got him a Dory colouring book. Other than that, when family and friends ask for ideas, we’re pointing them in the direction of Paw Patrol, dinosaurs, tractors (red ones!) and the aforementioned Disney toys. I also spotted an awesome Dory balloon in Card Factory the other day so whatever party decs we decide to go with, he’ll still have that balloon. He loved opening the balloon in the box last year and I want to keep that tradition – the box makes a handy memory box for the day too. I’ve got him an ‘I am 2‘ t-shirt from Next to wear at his party too and we’ll keep that as a memento. Instead of a cake smash photo shoot I’m tempted to suggest popping to the gardens down the road with a load of bubbles to take some fun photos. The boy bleddy loves bubbles – god help you when they run out/you put them away!

Jenson 23 months old

I feel like Jenson has really grown up a lot lately. I recently had 11 days off work in a row and when I came home after my first day back I really saw a difference. It didn’t help that he had his sleeves rolled up (he makes a mess feeding himself dinner but it’s great/sad that he’s getting so much more independent) but he’s walking instead of toddling and was looking really tall stood against the TV unit. Weird as he still fits in some 12-18 months trousers. He’s so capable and is able to put his Duplo train together himself and have a go at putting his wooden train track together too. And don’t even get me started on my phone! Provided I unlock it for him he can swipe through to Netflix and put on Peppa Pig or head to YouTube and start playing Ed Sheeran videos. The boy knows what he likes!

Luke’s parents took us out for the day over the Bank Holiday weekend and we went to Newquay Zoo and the Blue Reef Aquarium (I’ve got a separate post coming on them). Although it was a bit much for Jenson in one day he loved it – especially Dory! By the time we got to the aquarium he was quite tired and whingey but stopped crying as soon as he saw Dory, to the point where he immediately started crying again when we moved to the next tank. He had some Easter pennies from his grandparents so he picked a toy out in the aquarium – a cuddly baby penguin. He calls it Baby and strokes it gently on the head. So cute!

Jenson 23 months old

He hasn’t had a lot of bad moments lately – touch wood! I struggle to get him changed without a fuss most of the time and when he doesn’t nap (more often than not these days) he’ll get teasy and start flagging around 4.30pm. It can normally be fixed with an early dinner and he’ll go down early (around 6.30-7.30pm). The other day he almost fell asleep in his highchair and we had to get him ready for bed already asleep – at 5.30pm! Needless to say he was up early and we had a couple of days with a weird sleep cycle but he’s back to normal now. He still likes to fall asleep with one of us but the other night he stayed in his cot from 9pm-6am! Total fluke. But coming in our bed when he wakes up in the night guarantees more time in bed in the morning. Last Thursday and Friday he managed a record-breaking 8.30am and 9.30am!

We’ve got his two-year review coming up with the health visitor and I’m just waiting for the judgement. I’ve learned over the last two years that there’s a lot you can judge a parent on – he’s still eating toddler meals from supermarkets rather than homemade, he has a bottle before bed, spends most of the night in with us and he’s not been for any kind of check up (outside of illnesses) for the best part of a year. Let’s see what they’ve got to say!

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