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The Power, Taylor Swift and magic painting #LittleLoves

And just like that, another week’s over! I’ve got two weeks of #LittleLoves to catch you up on as I abandoned last week’s post in favour of celebrating Fountain Pen Day. Cos, y’know, it’s me. So here’s a look at what I’ve been loving lately.

Read: The Power and Wild. I’ve read a lot of female-centric books lately, a mix of fiction and non-fiction, featuring a lot of strong women. I hope this trend continues. The Power was a particularly gripping read, where women are more powerful men, with the sudden ability to kill in an instant. I found it interesting to follow how the power grew in the women over the course of a decade and how that affected the world more widely. Give it a read if you’re a fan of The Handmaid’s Tale.

I’m still making my way through Wild (I hate finishing the working week with an unfinished book) and I’m fascinated by Cheryl Strayed. Reading about her mum nearly destroyed me – I really need to find out more about books before reading them on the bus and risking becoming a blubbering mess. Her quest to hike the PCT alone at the age of 26 may seem to some like a quarter-life crisis but I’m hooked on finding out how she makes it, as well as discovering more about her motives.

the power and wild

Watched: Travel Man and The Walking Dead. I love Richard Ayoade and we’ve been catching up on series four and five of Travel Man as fun, family viewing in the evenings. I’ve added new places to my travel bucket list as well as sniggered and snorted at the hilarious antics of Ayoade and his co-stars. I have such a girl crush on Aisling Bea.

I’ve been underwhelmed by the last three episodes of The Walking Dead – until about the last two minutes of episode three. It ended just when it got good! Hopefully that bodes well for the next episode.

Heard: Taylor Swift. So the new album drops today and it was only on Wednesday that I finally caught up on the new tracks. I’ve found them a bit samey but I’m willing to give the whole album a go.

Made: Peppa Pig magic painting. Kids’ magazines are so freaking expensive that I rarely pick one up for Jenson but I spotted a Peppa Pig one the other day that came with four gifts – totally worth the £4.99 price tag for a post-nursery treat. One of the gifts was a magic paint book – y’know, one of those ones where you just add water? So we had some fun at home with that last weekend. I think it’s time to start on some masterpieces as Jenson loves getting the paintbrushes out.

peppa pig magic painting

Wore: Tu clothing for Jenson. I’ve wanted to get this dinosaur cardigan for Jenson for a while but didn’t want to pay £13 for one item of clothing. Fortunately immediately after their 25% off week, Tu clothing had a massive sale and I managed to pick it up for half price!

tu clothing for jenson

Jenson’s also (finally) ready to move up to 2-3 years trousers so I ordered a few online during the 25% off week. The selection online is always much better than in our local store.

tu clothing for jenson

And lastly: Outlaw 2017 kicks off tomorrow. I’m off to meet some local makers and pick up some Christmas presents.

Have an awesome weekend!

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1 thought on “The Power, Taylor Swift and magic painting #LittleLoves”

  1. I loved The Power and have had Wild on my reading list for ages, I must just buy it and get reading. Thanks for the warning though, I’ll be sure to read it at home!
    I’ve not seen Travel Man, I’ll have to get it on catch up. We love Richard Ayoade and I too have a thing for Aisling Bea so I don’t know why it’s not been on my radar! xx

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