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Follow Friday #41

I was so busy/knackered last week that I missed Follow Friday! Not to worry; I bookmarked a whole load of epicness ready to upload this week. Then got even more tried in the evenings. Yay for being a working mum! Meh. Anywhoo, I managed to keep my little peepers open long enough to share some… Continue reading Follow Friday #41

sweetheart display cabinet from dotcomgiftshop

Item of the day: Sweetheart display cabinet from DotComGiftShop

I really need to learn to keep my desk tidy and this adorable display cabinet from DotComGiftShop is the perfect way to ensure everything is in order. My desk is accessorised with a million bright colours, so it might need painting. Although I do like the simplicity of the white. I think I've been inspired… Continue reading Item of the day: Sweetheart display cabinet from DotComGiftShop


Highlights of the week

Now that I'm regularly checking Bloglovin, I'm not missing any of my favourite bloggers' new posts! So here are all of the posts that I've read and loved this week, along with some Twitter discoveries. Enjoy! Lifestyle posts... A collection of first world problems we all suffer from sometimes - Chapter Friday On Jacqueline Wilson… Continue reading Highlights of the week