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Film review: Big Hero 6

We were planning a trip to the cinema the other night and I was torn between three titles: The Theory of Everything, American Sniper and Big Hero 6. I felt like The Theory of Everything is one of those films that everyone is talking about and I need to see - but would almost definitely… Continue reading Film review: Big Hero 6

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Film night

Last night I indulged in one of my favourite activities: film night. I even had a bowl of popcorn on hand, thanks to my new handy popcorn maker*! There's something about drawing the curtains, sprawling across the sofa and stuffing handfuls of popcorn into your mouth, with the light of a 42-inch television casting the room in… Continue reading Film night

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Gifts for film buffs

Film buffs can be either incredibly easy or hugely difficult to buy for, depending on how wide they cast their film viewing net. A true film buff will admit to loving flicks from the Golden Age, 80s cheese, under-the-radar indies and Hollywood blockbusters. So prepare to cast your peepers over some pretty ask-kicking gifts for… Continue reading Gifts for film buffs