Highlights of the week

This week’s post is a bit longer than usual because I completely missed off some of my bookmarked posts last week! Silly, Emma! Also, I have discovered Bloglovin! But rather than making this post ridiculously long, I’m going to do a separate post in the week for some blogs and posts that I’ve fallen in love with over the last week. Stay tuned!

New blog discoveries
Hattie Ellis Photography
A Wrestling Writer

Favourite blog posts
Advice for new bloggers – Aimee Belle
Sofia Coppola and the Power of an Incredible Soundtrack – a little opulent
Why I’m a feminist – Best Endeavor
My top 10 blogger bad behaviours – how many are you guilty of? – Not Quite Enough
The Wes Anderson Palettes – Overdressed and Underprepared
A basic Google Analytics guide for new bloggers – more about cat
Blogging tips – more about cat
Twitter blog chat calendar – XOMISSE
Blogging with a full-time job – Kizzy Hearts
52 lists project: your favourite blogs – more about cat

Other online articles
50 Films You Need To Watch Before You Die – Company
Dating With Austen – Running in Heels
Jane Campion: ‘Life isn’t a career’ – The Guardian
The twins powering kitchenware firm Joseph Joseph – BBC News
What Your Favorite Wes Anderson Movie Says About You – The Wire
Great British films celebrated on new Royal Mail stamps – BFI
8 reasons why Olivia Wilde is our new celebrity BFF – Hello Giggles
Why The Fault in Our Stars trailer won the internet – Hello Giggles
17 Things People Born In The Late 80s Are Currently Experiencing – Thought Catalog
10 reasons to love Emma Stone right now (and forever) – Hello Giggles
A beginner’s guide to Nerdfighteria – Hello Giggles
8 relatable traits of Tina Belcher from Bob’s Burgers – Hello Giggles
Who is a feminist now? – NYTimes
Quentin Tarantino Blasts Digital Projection at Cannes: ‘It’s the death of cinema.’ – Indiewire
Spielberg joins forces with Coen brothers – BBC News
Haters Gonna Hate: I Love The Big Bang Theory – The Mary Sue
Save The Fleece from closure – Petition

My week in photos

my week in photos

1. I prepared myself for a meeting at work with caffeine and sugar – and had my first Yum Yum! I was a tad overwhelmed but any kind of baked good is always a good shout

2. This week was the European Elections and, at work, we did everything in our power to encourage young people to vote. In the last General Election, only 44% of 18-24 year olds voted. Hopefully we can increase that next year

3. I went shopping yesterday! Real shopping – not food shopping, not toiletries shopping, fun shopping! I treated myself to a David & Goliath backpack which I saw in the window of Lou’s Shoes and couldn’t resist, a lavender plant from Thornes (doing my bit for local businesses!), Batman and Superman flip flops from Sports Direct (mix and match?) and some Marvel books from The Works. I do enjoy Pay Day weekend.

Want, need, wear, read

want need wear read

Want: I have a really cute panda dock which I used to use for my iPhone when I wanted some music outside during the summer. Unfortunately, it’s not compatible with my new iPhone 5. But this Emma Bridgewater one is! It’s £126.99 from IWOOT.

Need: I went to a house party a couple of weeks ago and had major issues getting the lid off my cocktail shaker. This easy-pour one from IWOOT (£26.99) would make my life a lot easier!

Wear: I love Yumi! Their Eastern Bird top (£35.00) is the perfect colourful but casual tee to wear out and abut over the summer.

Read: This cocktail book from Anthropologie (£18.99) is beyond gorgeous. Each recipe comes with its own unique story and is beautifully illustrated.

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