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Follow Friday #11

Lots more loveliness from the blogosphere this week as I've got a couple of weeks to catch up on! Take a peek at my highlights Books Oh, happy day! Anna Kendrick is writing a book! - Hello Giggles Book Review: Station Eleven - Free Borboleta Amazon's 100 Books to Read In a Lifetime - List… Continue reading Follow Friday #11

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Highlights of the week

This week's post is a bit longer than usual because I completely missed off some of my bookmarked posts last week! Silly, Emma! Also, I have discovered Bloglovin! But rather than making this post ridiculously long, I'm going to do a separate post in the week for some blogs and posts that I've fallen in… Continue reading Highlights of the week


Top 10: films of 2012

I haven't seen half the amount of films that I wanted to this year. We used to live two minutes up the road from a cinema, but in September we moved to a town where the nearest cinema was a bus or train ride away, so it became a much bigger effort. Films I've not… Continue reading Top 10: films of 2012

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Coming soon to DVD: Tarantino blurays

How convenient that these two kick-ass blu rays are released the day before my birthday (26 November - pre-order now)! That will soften the blow of hitting a quarter of a century. Maybe... I have most of Quentin Tarantino's films on standard definition DVD so it wouldn't hurt to get the blu ray boxset. Plus… Continue reading Coming soon to DVD: Tarantino blurays

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Top 10 Directors

After seeing The Dark Knight Rises, I came out of the cinema claiming that Chris Nolan is quite possibly my favourite current working director. And then I got to discussing my top ten directors with my other half. I previously blogged about this a couple of years ago (three years ago Chris Nolan didn't even… Continue reading Top 10 Directors