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The Book Buying Tag

I'm jumping on this book tag bandwagon after coming across it over on Best Endeavour. I'm still finalising my review of the last #lbloggers chat so, while I'm working on that, check out some of my book buying habits - and please share your own! Where do you buy your books from? I don't like… Continue reading The Book Buying Tag


The #lbloggers chat: Growing your blog with @allisonleighann

Following last week's more conversational, getting-to-know-you chat, this week's chat gave bloggers the chance to share tips on growing your blog. There were, of course, the usual 'I'm not in this for the views', 'bloggers shouldn't want to make money' and 'blog about what you love and the rest will fall into place' but 99%… Continue reading The #lbloggers chat: Growing your blog with @allisonleighann

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Highlights of the week

This week's post is a bit longer than usual because I completely missed off some of my bookmarked posts last week! Silly, Emma! Also, I have discovered Bloglovin! But rather than making this post ridiculously long, I'm going to do a separate post in the week for some blogs and posts that I've fallen in… Continue reading Highlights of the week


The #lbloggers chat: The golden rules of blogging with @Lisaheartslife

This week's #lbloggers chat, hosted by @Lisaheartslife, was about the golden rules of blogging. It was a chat which sparked quite the debate - and early on too - with bloggers quickly falling into one of two camps: 1. there are no rules - your blog is your own to do with as you wish… Continue reading The #lbloggers chat: The golden rules of blogging with @Lisaheartslife