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Jenson: Eight months old

I know I start every monthly update amazed at how fast the time has gone but this last month has definitely gone by a lot quicker than the rest. It probably has something to do with the fact that I go back to work on Monday and I don’t feel like I did enough with the last month. But Jenson started January with a horrible chesty cough and he’s ended it with one too, poor little chap. But he’s handling it like a trooper! He was given an inhaler to help last time and we’ve been using it again this time round. He’s having some coughing fits and gets upset afterwards which breaks my heart a wee bit.

jenson eight months old_inhaler

At the end of the last update I wondered if we’d have a crawler on our hands by now. We don’t but he’s definitely on the move. You can’t put him down for a second without him rolling and he’s done a full roly poly. He seems to want to crawl but hasn’t quite figured it out yet, as he kinda swims on the floor to try and reach something but doesn’t actually go anywhere.

Speaking of swimming, I’ve really seen a difference over the last couple of weeks. He can support himself on the water noodles while I drag him around the pool. Take a look at this really early photo of him swimming below and imagine his arms over the sides without me supporting him, the noodles straight rather than crossed at the front to keep his face out of the water and without him trying to eat them. He’s doing so well! And when we sit the babies on the side of the pool he’s starting to jump in himself now. I’m always impressed as he’s the baby of the group – the others are nine, eleven and twelve months old.

jenson swimming

I blogged a couple of weeks ago about our weaning journey so far. I really wanted to do the whole baby-led weaning thing but he’s such a greedy guts that I’m worried he’s going to choke. I’ve been told over and over again about the gag reflex and which foods to try etc but the spoon-feeding seems to be working well for us at the moment and he has some Organix carrot sticks at lunchtime so he is having some finger foods every day. The most important thing for me is that he’s trying different flavours. It’s not really convenient for him to eat what we eat at the moment as we eat later, so we have been throwing some extra Ella’s Kitchen pouches in there. There’s such a huge variety that it’s impossible for him to get bored of it and they’re pretty affordable.

jenson eight months old_featured

I know that when I go back to work I’m going to miss a lot of firsts. I imagine that some time in the next month he’s going to crawl for the first time, possibly start trying to pull himself up and maybe even throw a new word in there. He copied me and said “hiya” the other day but it’s only been the once. He says “Dada” the most (adorable when he looks for Luke to come through the door and says it!) and “Mama” more frequently lately. He’s able to sit up for much longer periods of time these days, although it’s still good to be near him in case he wobbles, and he has such strong legs. He really throws himself around in his Jumperoo and when he’s in his walker, although he doesn’t really walk towards us much, he can stand for a long time. I really hope his next tooth comes through soon. He’s had a sore gum for weeks now and you can really feel something hard there but nothing poking through yet. Babies really have it rough!

And I can’t let a month go by without sharing some of my favourite outfits. For regular cute baby photos, be sure to follow me on Instagram.

jenson eight months old_outfits

1. From the Boots sale
2. Bought this one in Boots months ago
3. Part of a cute pack of elephant sleepsuits from Next (Christmas present)
4. Gorgeous Guess How Much I Love You bodysuit from Sainsburys/Tu Clothing. Came with matching joggers. I’ve just bought a couple of the new outfits in 18-24 months to put away ready too!
5. Chewbacca pramsuit – Christmas present from my baby bruv
6. Adorable elephant dungarees outfit from Next (Christmas present)
7. Chunky jumper which I believe was from Tesco/F&F
8. My favourite sleepsuit ever – Dumbo from Sainsburys/Tu Clothing (gift)
9. Dinosaur sleepsuit from Boots (picked up with fire engine one)

Let’s see what the next month brings!

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