jenson nine months old
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Jenson: Nine months old

Yep, my baby boy is now nine months old - three quarters of the way to his first birthday! I was reminded last week just how quickly the time goes and how you can never get it back. We were browsing the clothing sale in Sainsburys and spotted some cute Winnie the Pooh gear that… Continue reading Jenson: Nine months old

jenson eight months old_featured
Jenson, Parenthood

Jenson: Eight months old

I know I start every monthly update amazed at how fast the time has gone but this last month has definitely gone by a lot quicker than the rest. It probably has something to do with the fact that I go back to work on Monday and I don't feel like I did enough with… Continue reading Jenson: Eight months old

jenson six months old
Jenson, Parenthood

Jenson: Six months old

Oh my gosh, how is my baby six months old? He's definitely not a newborn anymore. Today is his half birthday and it's crazy to think that in just another six months he'll be a year old and possibly walking and talking! This past month he has grown and developed loads. At his last weigh-in,… Continue reading Jenson: Six months old