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Follow Friday #42

Last week I made the decision to change the way I treat Jenson’s naps. Instead of cracking on with housework, I’m making time for me, my blog and catching up on TV. After all, it’s not hard to tackle the laundry while Jenson’s in the jumperoo or ball pit – he’s not particularly mobile yet, so I’ve gotta make the most of it! It always feels like a wasted nap when he sleeps when we’re out and because he’s generally up 5-6am every damn day, I’m normally in bed myself around 9pm. So I’m ditching the ‘mum guilt’, not dedicating every second Jenson is awake to staring at his scrumptious face and making more time for me, which is why you’ll see some shiny new blogs featured in this week’s Follow Friday. Enjoy!*

follow friday


Leave it to Caitlin Moran to write one of the best things I’ve read this week for International Women’s Day

Film & TV

Just reading this article on the 30 times that One Tree Hill made everyone cry gave me goosebumps


I love Emily’s kawaii Amazon haul. Always glad to find another Pop Vinyl/Disney/Adventure Time obsessive!

Speaking of Pop Vinyls, Daisy’s wish list is pretty epic


Oh my! Have you seen Sarah’s all things stationery post, complete with discount codes? Swoon!


Fran reminded me that I need to read Ready Player One


I love Eva’s posts on mum hair and motherhood feels. I don’t know why I’m surprised when I find a blog post that totally gets me. Turns out we all have the same problems after all! Sidebar: I’m getting my hair done soon. Can’t wait!

Having a baby and becoming a family is the most incredible time but it’s hard to find time to just enjoy being together as a couple. I think we’ve gone out on our own (i.e. not with a group of friends) a handful of times since Jenson was born, so I really appreciated Tas’ post on the importance of us time. We’re going to try and go out together once a fortnight (at the very least once a month!), even if it’s ‘just’ to the cinema. We don’t get to see a lot of films these days and are very much looking forward to Batman vs Superman. And it’s very conveniently released on Pay Day!

I love Molly’s post about the Facebook Motherhood Challenge that circulated a few weeks ago and one of the points she made about mothers and their identities. Brilliant! And a new fave blog :)

We made the decision early on to not give Jenson any chocolate and such for as long as possible (at least a couple of years), so I found this post on Baby Centre really interesting – and the Facebook comments it invited

There are loads more bookmarked that I wanna share with you but it’s super late (9.19pm -I know, right!!!) and I can’t put sleep off any longer!

*This started out well. I made time to read blogs at the start of the week and then became so tired from commuting and working that I didn’t have time to blog myself until it came to finishing this post! Go figure…

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