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Follow Friday #42

Last week I made the decision to change the way I treat Jenson's naps. Instead of cracking on with housework, I'm making time for me, my blog and catching up on TV. After all, it's not hard to tackle the laundry while Jenson's in the jumperoo or ball pit - he's not particularly mobile yet,… Continue reading Follow Friday #42


My 2012

We've come to the end of another year. It's time to wave goodbye to the shit of months past and set our sights on our hopes for the future. If you're lucky, you can celebrate the last year. I got to thinking... I've done nothing major - no marriage, or kids, etc. But then I… Continue reading My 2012


Top 10: films of 2012

I haven't seen half the amount of films that I wanted to this year. We used to live two minutes up the road from a cinema, but in September we moved to a town where the nearest cinema was a bus or train ride away, so it became a much bigger effort. Films I've not… Continue reading Top 10: films of 2012

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Continuum: The new Fringe?

I love Fringe. It's awesome. But sadly, like all awesome things, it must come to an end. I'm not necessarily looking for something to replace it. When Dawson's Creek ended, I refused to replace it with The OC until halfway through the second season, and I didn't replace that with One Tree Hill until the… Continue reading Continuum: The new Fringe?

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Film of the day: Looper

Today's Item of the day has been altered to Film of the day because I finally saw Looper last night! Joseph Gordon-Levitt is one of my favourite actors and Emily Blunt is one of my favourite actresses. I'll see anything with either of them in, so a film with them both was bound to be… Continue reading Film of the day: Looper