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Friday Favourites #1

I’m revising how I schedule my weekend posts and am having a little bit of a play around with content, so bear with me. I love sharing my favourite reads of the week with you but I’ve bumped it to a Saturday Share instead of a Follow Friday to make way for a Friday Favourites – what can I say, I love alliteration! One of my favourite type of posts to read is people’s Friday Favourites/Wonderful Wednesday/Life lately, so I’m making my Friday posts a bit of a mash-up of those, sharing five of my favourite things from the past week. Here goes post one – let me know what you think in the comments at the end.

1. Getting into new TV shows. We recently started (finally) watching Aziz Ansari’s Master of None on Netflix. We’re only two episodes in but it’s freakin’ hilarious – I love that dude. I’ve seen all of his standup that’s available on Netflix now. We also started watching BBC comedy Witless, which Luke randomly came across on catch-up. It’s about two women who witness a murder and have to go into witness protection. It reminded me very much of the type of comedy in Edgar Wright’s Cornetto Trilogy, so if you loved Hot Fuzz, give this a go!

Image via

2. Jenson’s birthday party. It was the perfect day! I’m saving most of the photos and details for a future post but here’s a picture of Jenson looking super-cute (and so grown up!) chilling in the park.

jensons first birthday party

3. My new blogger’s journal. I was lucky enough to receive some products to review from Paperchase and the blogger’s journal is my new favourite thing. It’s kept me super-organised with the blog this week and I hope that I can keep it up!

bloggers journal first completed week

4. Feeling creative. Speaking of my Paperchase collaboration, I’ve also used the opportunity to start a bullet journal. Jenson napped for two and a half hours after his (four!) injections yesterday and I took the opportunity to start laying out the pages for my bullet journal. After two hours I had completed four pages and it was so nice to just disconnect and feel creative again – and surprisingly relaxing. Maybe there’s something in those adult colouring books after all. Even writing this now I still can’t believe that I sat at my desk for two hours and didn’t go online or check my phone at all – I just sat there doodling and colouring in. Fun!

bullet journal first spread

5. New floor. Now this is a bit of a grown-up one! We had our living room floor replaced last week and it really makes the room feel bigger and brighter. Plus Jenson can whiz around in his walker and crawl from one end to the other in seconds. Not so sure that’s a good thing! Oh, and it’s also great for flatlays!

new floor flatlay

So, whaddya reckon? Like the new blog series? Leave me a comment :)

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