Jenson's third birthday party with Jump With Jo
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Jenson’s third birthday party with Jump with Jo

We nearly ended up cancelling Jenson's birthday party with hours to spare this year due to a slapped cheek false alarm. Fortunately we were able to go ahead and Jenson had a great time. We booked Jump with Jo*, a local business offering soft play sessions and parties and invited a few of Jenson's friends.… Continue reading Jenson’s third birthday party with Jump with Jo

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Friday Favourites #1

I'm revising how I schedule my weekend posts and am having a little bit of a play around with content, so bear with me. I love sharing my favourite reads of the week with you but I've bumped it to a Saturday Share instead of a Follow Friday to make way for a Friday Favourites… Continue reading Friday Favourites #1

birthday boy tshirt from next
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Item of the day: Birthday boy t-shirt from Next

In the last few days, I've gone from feeling like I could easily get very emotional about Jenson turning one to getting really excited about buying things for his party and cake smash. I've just ordered this adorable birthday boy t-shirt from Next for him to wear for his party - it's only a fiver!… Continue reading Item of the day: Birthday boy t-shirt from Next

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Follow Friday #45

I'm getting pretty excited about National Stationery Week, so there are several stationery links here, as well as inspo for Jenson's first birthday, book recommendations, recipes and more. Happy reading! Baby There's no point stressing yourself out over planning the perfect birthday party for your child. As long as they have, it's all good! Having… Continue reading Follow Friday #45

jenson ten months old smiling
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Jenson: Ten months old

My baby boy is ten months old today! I say baby; I swear he looks more like a proper little person every time I look at him! He sits there quite happily (when he's not teething - more on that dreckly!) chatting to himself, sat up playing with his toys, engrossed in the television... And… Continue reading Jenson: Ten months old