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My life in photos: May 2016

I’m making more of a conscious effort to take photos every day – and not just of Jenson! You may have spotted most of these snaps on Instagram over the last month and I like sharing them in an end of month round-up – even though it’s been June for a week now. Crazy, right?

my life in photos may 2016

1. Amazing coffee at Duke Street Cafe – prepare for lots of food and drink pics! I know, I have a crazy life!
2. Beautiful blossoms on the walk into town after swimming
3. The most epic milkshake ever, courtesy of Willy Wallers (Milky Way flavour, in case you were wondering)
4. Ice cream is best with sprinkles! Love the ice cream van on Longrock Beach
5. The Little Wonder Cafe is such a great little place. It’s a campervan cafe which hangs out on the Promenade in Penzance. Cake, coffee and a cracking view!
6. This statue is one of my favourite spots and looks so moody when the weather is bad
7. Instead of heading out of the house and turning right into town, lately we’ve turned left and headed into Marazion to take Jenson to that park and pick ourselves up some ice cream. I never tire of this view
8. I had the best collaboration post this month – hello, Paperchase and your freakin’ fantastic blogger’s journal!
9. I also started bullet journalling! I plan on doing a ‘proper’ post on this soon

I love sharing Jenson’s month too and I’m trying not to duplicate my fave pics which show up in his monthly update. The little collage below features some of his little developmental milestones over the last month. Look at the cuteness!

my life in photos may 2016 - jenson

1. Wearing the cutest Guess How Much I Love You dungaree set and hugging his little nutbrown hare
2. Tickles with Daddy – he’s taking after me and screams when he’s tickled
3. So cute reading his Peppa Pig book! The flaps are a bit worse for wear these days though
4. This is one of my new favourite photos – and Luke’s. They have these plastic tubs to put your things in during swimming lessons and when I’m trying to get ready the easiest thing to do is plonk Jenson in one so he doesn’t crawl off. Ain’t he the cutest?!
5. He’s so clever with his toys. He looks so proud of himself when he drops the blocks in the top
6. The weather has been gorgeous lately and we spend a lot of time in the parks. Jenson loves the swings – Daddy pushes him a lot higher than Mummy does!
7. Looking proud of himself again having a go with the walker
8. He’s obsessed with his toothbrush! He’s constantly teething so loves giving it a good chomp. I get him in his PJs and let him brush his teeth while he’s still sat on the changing table (rather than me brushing over something sore) and when he’s ready to go into the living room he lifts his arms to be picked up and carries on chomping on the sofa until it’s bed time
9. Playing on the swings at his birthday party. Luke took this one and it’s one of my all-time faves. Think we’re going to get a print of this done

Now, let’s see what June brings!

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