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Friday Favourites #7

I got to Thursday morning and only had two items on my mental note of Friday Favourites (who am I kidding, I’ve got notes in my Blogger’s Journal!) and got a bit sulky about how I couldn’t manage to think of five awesome things that have happened in the week. Then Thursday turned into a beauty of a day and I picked up my three final favourites in under 12 hours! Intrigued? Read on my friend! :)

1. Gilmore Girls. This is one of those shows that completely passed me by the first time round – shocker, as I’m usually obsessed with this kind of show. When The Good Wife ended, leaving a massive Matt Czuchry-shaped void in my life, I saw news of a new Gilmore Girls series floating around the web, complete with photos of the previously mentioned hottie. So I figured I needed a Netflix binge session. Of course, with a cute little baby in my life, TV time without cartoons and songs is getting shorter and shorter, so I’ve decided to take more time for myself (!) and get my booty in bed by 10pm each night so that I can watch an episode before I go to sleep. Unfortunately, a week in, I’ve only seen three episodes because I have a habit of falling asleep around the 9.45pm mark. Oops!

gilmore girls on netflix

2. Ms Marvel. I was so disappointed to receive an email from Amazon telling me that delivery of Volume 5 wouldn’t be until 28 July but it arrived on Monday! Wooooo! I devoured it on the way to work on Tuesday and even got a bit emosh at the end. Definitely the best volume so far, with the introduction of a cool new civilian character – Mike. If you like comics/bad-ass women, you’ve gotta give this series a go.

ms marvel volume 5

3. Friends. Now we move on to my epic Thursday. I was reminded just how lucky I was to have such awesome friends yesterday. We went to our last swimming lesson before summer break in the morning and hung out with our friends Ginette and Henry, met Aunty Toni for lunch (she finally got to see Jenson awake for the first time in ages!) and met our friends Sophie and Holly in the park. It was such a gorgeous day, with bright sunshine (had to have an ice cream – the raspberry Magnum is amazing!) and all was right the world. My lovely friend Ginette, from Loulou’s Lovely Letters, made me this brilliant print for my inspo wall too! Bleddy love that woman!

i like pretty things and the word fuck print

4. My baby. Jenson has been especially cute lately, coming out with new words all the time and dancing when music comes on. He loves the new Cillit Bang advert!

5. Truffles. Luke made truffles from scratch and oh em gee they are incredible! And look how beautifully presented! I was super-impressed. I’ve already put in an order for my own batch for my birthday.


What has been your highlight of the week? Here’s to an awesome weekend! :)

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