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My life in photos: July 2016

Looking back through my July photos reminded me what a sociable little bugger I was for a few weeks! Whodda thunk it? I managed to squeeze in a mums’ night out, date night and family day out, as well as the usual coffee drinking, flower smelling and Netflix binges. Here’s a look at my July in photos.

my life in photos: july 2016
1. I had a mums’ night out at the start of the month with the fab ladies I’ve met through antenatal classes, pregnancy yoga and baby aquatics. It’s so important to have a great group of mum friends – I couldn’t have gotten through the last year without them!
2. I totally missed Gilmore Girls the first time round and have been trying to squeeze in an episode or two every night
3. The latest volume of Ms Marvel arrived and I loved it even more than the previous four volumes. Go check it out if you haven’t already
4. Remember those lovely mum friends I mentioned not two minutes ago? One of them makes awesome prints and cards and she made this awesome print for my inspo wall! Check out her Etsy page here
5. Luke made truffles!
6. I’ve been attempting to stay on track with this bullet journal malarky. I’ll pop up another update soon but you can check out my last post here
7. My mum brings me fresh flowers most weeks. She’s the best!
8. We had an actual date night! With alcohol! Madness! Check out the review of our lovely meal here
9. We went slightly further afield for a family day out at the Seal Sanctuary. Full blog post coming soon

And, of course, these photo posts aren’t complete without a little look at Jenson’s month in photos

july 2016 photos_jenson

1. This is what greets us most mornings now…
2. Have you tried the Free Photo Book app? It’s pretty awesome. I got a 20-page hardback photo book for just £5.99 (you pay for delivery and that’s it!)
3. We won a competition – all of the Organix goodies! Jenson loves ’em
4. He doesn’t like us eating or drinking. At all…
5. Surprisingly, one of his favourite toys doesn’t make any noises! It’s a wooden ark with animals
6. I love it when he pulls himself up and snuggles into my legs. I’ve not been well lately and haven’t been able to have snuggles ont he sofa with him, so this was the next best thing
7. When Luke got home from work the other day we went out to the beach for a bit while it was still warm. Turns out it wasn’t quite warm enough for Jenson to dip his toes in for the first time. He was not impressed
8. He likes to walk around with all of his dummies so he always has a spare to play with
9. Bath time is getting more and more fun. He loves playing with his toys and splashing about – and says “ducka-ducka” when he plays with his ducks. Cute!

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