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Jenson: 28 months old

Man, it has been a big month! Yep, we’re a few weeks into nursery now. I had hoped that Jenson may have been settled in by now, working his way towards two four-hour sessions a week, but we soon realised that this transition is going to take some time.

jenson 28 months old

We have a routine which seems to be helping. Luke takes Jenson in for an hour at a time, dropping him off and waiting in reception. Listening to constant screams through the walls has turned into random bursts of silence, or even laughter! Bubbles help…

It took us until his second birthday to realise that he doesn’t actually like being around a lot of people and the staff soon picked up on the fact that he doesn’t like other children playing near him. They’ve been so great at adapting to his needs though.

Despite Luke being the one doing the nursery drop-offs Jenson has turned into a massive Daddy’s Boy. It’s super-cute seeing him shout “Daddy!” and run to the door whenever he walks into the room. I worried that he might see it as abandonment but it seems that it has only strengthened their bond.

In other news, I lost my shit at soft play the other day. I think I’ve mentioned before that we have a few problems with Jenson pushing other kids who are anywhere near him. He likes his own space and worries that someone will take whatever he has, whether that’s a toy or a snack, or climb his favourite slide. Which is why I feel so strongly about children/their parents taking responsibility for their actions. How am I meant to teach Jenson that it’s wrong to hit or push when others are seen to get away with it?

jenson 28 months old

Anyhoo, I was at soft play with a couple of friends and the kids and Jenson was playing independently quite happily. He was sat in a small ball pool and a kid about his size but maybe a bit younger grabbed him from behind and tried to drag him out. I yelled(!) at him to let go of him and he walked off. A bit later, Jenson was climbing a slide and the same kid came up right behind him and went to push him aside. His mum was stood next to him and I said “oi!” and went to support Jenson. She just talked to him calmly saying wait your turn – not to apologise to Jenson and she didn’t apologise to me. I’m quick to apologise to kids and their parents whenever Jenson so much as grazes past them!

A lot of mums were sat on the sofa drinking tea and eating cupcakes and not watching their kids. I get it, some of the bigger kids can be trusted and it’s a safe space. I’m the complete opposite – I’ll admit I’m a helicopter mum but because I know that Jenson will climb on anything and throw himself off it, and knowing that he doesn’t like anyone in his personal space and can get a bit shovey, I like to always have an eye on him. Hell, I even play with him (shock horror). So when this kid went for Jenson a third time, actually pushed him to the floor and made him cry, I lost my shit. I got up off the floor, shouted “right, whose kid is this?! That’s the third time he’s pushed my kid!” Everyone went quiet and looked around. The mum came over, made her kid apologise, I thanked her and that was that. But it really pissed me off.

jenson 28 months old

Fancy a happier story after that? Can’t say I blame you! The kid is beyond cute when watching his favourite films at the moment and has started singing along. I reckon he knows his core four (Finding Nemo, Finding Dory, Moana and Frozen) word for word but can’t actually say/sing all the words yet. But he’s shouting out random words/expressions at the right time and is using the cutest little sing-song voice. He’s pretty good at the Bing Bong song too and his favourite song is Galway Girl.

We also had the best swimming lesson the other day. I have an on-going medical problem (I won’t bore you with the gross details) which has kept me out of the water. If you’re a regular reader of this blog you’ll know that Jenson’s swimming lesson is my highlight of the week. It helps alleviate the mum guilt of working Monday-Wednesday to have something fun to do together on a Thursday morning and to have that taken away for the best part of four months was awful. Mum and Luke swam with him instead but he’s clearly more confident in the water with me – we’ve been swimming together since he was three months old.

His last swimming lesson was awesome – he’s lost none of his confidence with jumping in, diving or swimming underwater and for the first time in months I was able to encourage him to swim on this back. Dory has helped too – if I sing ‘just keep swimming’ he gives it beans doing widths across the pool, arms and legs flying everywhere. And we managed to do a lap of the pool with him on my back, holding on as I doggy-paddled (I can’t do breaststroke and it’s near impossible to front crawl with a hefty toddler on your back. So, yes, I look like a bit of a prat). I was so proud of him. I’m gutted that a flare up means mum and Luke are going to have to alternate for a few weeks but I have a surgical referral on 14 November and hopefully I’ll be healed in time for the new year.

I’m excited to think about what we’ll be getting up to over the next month now autumn is here. We’ll definitely have to get our wellies on and go out for a splash and I want to go back to Trevaskis Farm for another pumpkin patch photo shoot – and cake, obvs!

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