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Jenson’s Christmas list 2017

Wondering what to buy a two-year-old for Christmas? These days, Peppa Pig and Twirlywoos are the favourites in our house. When you’re shopping for little ones it’s got to be books and toys, right?

We finished shopping for Jenson a while back and his presents pretty much consist of Peppa Pig, Duplo, books and a Paw Patrol Aquadoodle. But we’re pointing grandparents etc in the direction of more toys. We just need to clear out some old ones first…

jenson's 2017 christmas list

When it comes to books, we’re all about board books (for durability) and anything interactive. Peppa Pig (Waterstones, £6.99)+ lift the flaps = one happy Jenson!

Jenson loves his Duplo and apparently the Peppa Pig constructions sets are compatible. He’d lose his shit if he was able to combine his love of Peppa Pig with his train set. The house set (Amazon, £28.16) looks pretty epic but then this house (Argos, £19.99) folds out and is easy to store away – plus it comes with a seesaw, which he loves. There are loads at great prices in B&M too.

It’s also worth noting that when you spend over £40 on Peppa Pig products at Argos you get a free big-ass soft Peppa or George toy. Bargain!

Jenson got the Twirlywoos Big Red Boat for Christmas last year, which comes with Great Big Hoo and Paeekaboo, so he’d love the full set of characters (Amazon, £11.99). He loves The Very Important Lady (Amazon, £7.98) too and always has to sing with her, so the toy would go down a treat.

I know I’m going to regret saying this but I think he’d love a keyboard (Argos, £10.99 or 2 for £15). He’s so musical and this could be a fun step to see if he fancies lessons when he’s older.

As much as he likes his Buzz Lightyear Little Life backpack, he’s not that into Toy Story. Olaf (Little Life, £20.99), on the other hand, would go down a treat.

Next have loads of cute dinosaur tops in at the moment and this would be such a great Christmas jumper (£13.00). He’d also love this Paw Patrol jumper (£15.00). He was so chuffed to get a Paw Patrol t-shirt from his auntie recently. And I reckon Luke’d say he needs this (£8.00) if he saw it!

What toys do your toddlers love?

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