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25 films from the last 25 years

For Empire's 300th issue, they've asked some of this generation's greatest filmmakers to share some of their filmmaking highlights. Features include Guillermo Del Toro's sketchbook, exclusive behind the scenes photos from Lost in Translation, a brilliant account of  a filmmaker's experiences of sharing his favourite films with his daughter, and Edgar Wright's favourite films from… Continue reading 25 films from the last 25 years

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The Liebster Award (part 2!)

I've just received my second Liebster Award nomination, thanks to Amila from Many Little Obsessions. I have previously nominated others, listed facts about myself and posed my own questions (blog post here) but I am more than happy to take part and answer Amila's questions! So here goes: 1. What is your life credo? I actually… Continue reading The Liebster Award (part 2!)

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My favourite films seen in 2013

I have had to re-work my usual 'best of' list because it would appear that I've only been to the cinema ten times this year. Ten! I am shocked and appalled but, hey, you've gotta work with what you've got. Out of the list of new UK cinema releases in 2013, this is my solid… Continue reading My favourite films seen in 2013