we are still tornadoes and the booby trap
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The Booby Trap, 13 Reasons Why and a new planner #LittleLoves

Man, it's been a long week. I'm always super-tired on Thursdays (when I come to schedule these posts) because I've just finished my working week and taken Jenson to his swimming lesson, which I swear is more tiring for me than it is for him. I've done some over-time this week and we also ran… Continue reading The Booby Trap, 13 Reasons Why and a new planner #LittleLoves

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25 films from the last 25 years

For Empire's 300th issue, they've asked some of this generation's greatest filmmakers to share some of their filmmaking highlights. Features include Guillermo Del Toro's sketchbook, exclusive behind the scenes photos from Lost in Translation, a brilliant account of  a filmmaker's experiences of sharing his favourite films with his daughter, and Edgar Wright's favourite films from… Continue reading 25 films from the last 25 years


Top 10: films of 2012

I haven't seen half the amount of films that I wanted to this year. We used to live two minutes up the road from a cinema, but in September we moved to a town where the nearest cinema was a bus or train ride away, so it became a much bigger effort. Films I've not… Continue reading Top 10: films of 2012


Film of the year: Skyfall

Yeah, that's right. Film of the year. Not day, not week, not month. Year. And it's only 31 October. I saw Skyfall on Saturday night and it has taken me until now to blog about it. I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet (have you really had better things… Continue reading Film of the year: Skyfall